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It was a cold dark night in Aura City. While the civilians were all sleeping, the notorious Kitzuga and his gang where robbing a bank filled with tons of cash. Just when they thought they were going to get away, a scolding voice pierced the air. "Better stop while you still can". It was Super Babe. Super Babe flew into action, deflecting bullets withe her impenetrable skin, and smacking robbers aside with her super strength. "Not this time Super Babe, I know your weakness!", said Katzuga. Using his mechanical claws from his super suit, he grabbed Super Babes 32K breasts. "Wha-wha, how could u have known??!". Laughing, Katzuga viscously groped super babes breasts, robbing her of her powers. As she moaned in pain (and some pleasure), Katzuga gooons finished robbing the bank. "Noo" groaned SB

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