Miss Power - Spectra

Miss Power battles an ancient spirit in control of a host


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Doctor Livingston, a beautiful researcher at Metro City museum comes into contact with a strange artefact allegedly used by sham to capture benevolet souls. The young woman passes out on the floor as the spirit takes hold of its new host.

Unfortunately for the ancient spirit the stunning Miss Power passes the museum as her plain-clothed alter-ego and the two women face each other.

Melissa fights the evil spirit that has inhabited Doctor Livingston's body in her civilian clothes, but when the spirit uses its powers to 'phase out' of the material world, the heroine knows she needs to transform into her superheroine costume.

However the spirit is more than a match for her. Easily able to compete with her super strength, the spirit defeats the young heroine before it tries to take Miss Power as its new host.

Can Miss Power stave off the evil spirit and even return it from where it had come from?


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