Miss Power - Diamond

Cute Miss Power stops a thief but he has a trick up his sleeve


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

The stunning Miss Power is called upon to stop a thief from stealing one of the worlds most valuable diamonds. However, whilst the busty brunette stops him, he has managed to get his hands on a mysterious crystal that will give him powers similar to the mighty superheroine.

However, things turn out for the bad when the crystals powers are transferred to his girlfriend who begins to seek revenge on the idiotic thief. She transforms into a sexy black spandex costume and the final showdown happens between her and the beautiful Miss Power

Body: cleavage
Breast Size: medium
Breast Size: small
Breast Type: enhanced
Breast Type: natural
Clothing: college girl
Clothing: glasses
Fight: girl boy
Fight: girl girl
Fight: punch
Footwear: knee high boots
Hair: brunette
Legs: natural
Peril: peril
Peril: unconcious
Strength: hand crush
Strength: throat lift

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