Miss Power - Injection Rejection

Miss Power beats up a gang before being betrayed


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Two villains spend their time with two sexy callgirls, when one of them just happens to be the might Miss Power. After the brunette heroine transforms into her alter-ego she begins teaching the men that a life of crime doesn't pay.

But then, out of no where the other girl, the blonde, takes a mysterious needle and plunges it into Miss Powers back rendering her unconcious. The pretty blonde then injects herself with some of the might heroine's blood and immediately passes out.

Upon waking Miss Power discovers that she is weaker than ever, whilst the blonde calls upon her new powers, transforms into a sexy little black leotard with a plunging neckline, and goes about teaching the men a lesson with her unbelievable new strength and powers

Body: cleavage
Breast Size: large
Breast Size: medium
Breast Type: natural
Clothing: leotard
Clothing: pantyhose
Clothing: sexy dress
Clothing: tights
Fight: girl boy
Fight: girl girl
Footwear: high heels
Footwear: knee high boots
Hair: blonde
Hair: brunette
Legs: natural
Legs: shiny
Peril: pain
Strength: throat lift
Villain: girl
Villain: man

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