Miss Power - Powerless

Criminal Mastermind seeks revenge on Miss Power


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

The stunning Miss Power regularly checks up on criminal mastermind Brad Jones to ensure he hasn't slipped into his old neferious ways.

Humiliating him in front of his buddy, Brad vows to seek his revenge on the busty brunette, and after his friends shares some valueable information he learnt from Luther, Brad goes about taking down the mighty superheroine.

While Brad is out Miss Power decides to do her own investigation, and she finds that Brad is preparing to chain and hold someone hostage. Unbeknown to her, it is her that Brad intends on capturing.

Arriving with his own crew, including an amazingly hot blonde in a blue outfit, Brad captures, weakens and humiliates the mighty Miss Power, allowing each of his crew to beat her.

But the mighty heroine isn't finished yet, is she?

204 comic book pages of action!

Body: cleavage
Body: stomach
Breast Size: large
Breast Size: medium
Breast Type: enhanced
Breast Type: natural
Clothing: crop top
Clothing: hot pants
Clothing: pantyhose
Clothing: tights
Fight: girl boy
Fight: girl girl
Fight: punch
Footwear: knee high boots
Hair: blonde
Hair: brunette
Legs: shiny
Peril: pain
Peril: peril
Peril: tied up
Peril: unconcious
Strength: super strength
Strength: throat lift
Strength: throw
Villain: girl
Villain: man