Superwoman - Reluctant Criminal

College girl transforms into Supergirl, has to defeat another superwoman


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

A desperate man resorts to desperate measures and targets a stunning young and gifted college student. But what he doesn't know is that this outstanding student is working on a secret potion that will elevate her from a normal human being to a super woman.

After the girls experiment works the man confronts her, but with disastrous consequences. She turns out to be incredibly strong and seemingly invincible. In her short skirt, knee high socks and tiny little bra top the college student beats up the man, displaying all her wondrous physical superiority over him.

Just as the man thinks its all over the girl disappears and returns wearing the most amazing costume he'd ever seen. An exact replica of the amazing Supergirl. Skin-tight and clinging to all the girls curves, the costume looked phenomenal, and before he could really admire her, she whisked him out of her apartment and down to the police station.

But all this activity gets the attention of another young woman, and after seeking him out in a bar, she reveals herself to also be a super human woman and shows him just how strong and powerful she is.

The stage is then set for the new blonde to rid the planet of this imposteur and the two sexy young women have a super showdown in the college girls apartment.

Body: cleavage
Body: stomach
Breast Size: medium
Breast Size: small
Breast Type: natural
Clothing: college girl
Clothing: crop top
Clothing: glasses
Clothing: leotard
Clothing: pantyhose
Clothing: sexy dress
Clothing: tights
Fight: girl boy
Fight: girl girl
Fight: punch
Footwear: high heels
Footwear: knee high boots
Hair: blonde
Hair: brunette
Legs: natural
Legs: shiny
Peril: pain
Strength: bend bar
Strength: super strength
Strength: throat lift
Strength: throw
Villain: girl
Villain: man