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Latest Superheroine Films

Sonic Girl - Mind Control Mad man brings Sonic Girl under his control and Superior Girl must stop him Superwoman - DNA Disaster Mad scientist clones the amazing Superwoman, setting up a battle between Superwoman and the evil cloned super villainess. Superwoman - Super Wish 1 Does your girlfriend know about your love of superheroines? Just imagine what would happen if your girlfriend found one of your Supergirl comic books lying around the house. Then imagine... what if her wish to become Superwoman became true? Miss Power - Birthday Wish Its your birthday. What better time for your sexy girlfriend to dress up in a superheroine outfit for some role-play. But what about that wish you made when blowing out your candles? Could it be that your normal girlfriend has been transformed into a stunning super-powered heroine? Bionic Girl - Taking Over Business Two drug dealers are at war with each other over territory, and for one of the men, he seems to have come up with the perfect solution: a bionic girl. Superwoman - Super Wish 2 It just so happens that the new Superwoman's boyfriend has an outstanding debt with the local kingpin - what a coincidence! Danica Thrall stars as the amazing Maid of Might Superwoman - Blind Date A young couple's blind date is interrupted by a thug. Goes to show you what a girl will do to keep hold of a good man in the city! Ultimate Girl - Bracelet A young foreign business woman receives a mysterious gift from an unknown sender. However, others are looking for this magical bracelet and the young blonde girl will find out why. Wonder Babe - Wrong Side The stunning Wonder Babe is outwitted by an ambitious gangster as he uses a mysterious bracelet to hypnotise her and bring her under his control. Superwoman - The Forger Superwoman intercepts a deal between a known gangster and a talented forger. Superwoman - Suspicious Casting A young naive girl arrives alone at a casting for a film, and is trapped inside the building by the the Casting Director. But Superwoman saves the day as she changes from her sexy black wet-look leggings into the even more sexy Superwoman costume. Superwoman - Unwanted Guest Superwoman foils a pretty thief, but comes face-to-face with him again when he teams up with a super villainess from Superwoman's home planet. Miss Power - The Debt Young teenage blonde model transforms into the might Miss Power when a debt collector barges into her photoshoot. Superwoman - Intoxication The young Superwoman is alerted to a potential nuclear disaster, but upon her arrival its clear she has been tricked by an evil criminal mastermind hell bent on stealing Superwoman's powers.