About Wonder Girl

Over the years, Wonder Girl's beginning story has been changed several times and she has fought crime and evil under different identities. Wonder Girl has three super heroine incarnations in DC Comics. All her various versions has been shown to define Wonder Girl as a living link to the destroyed DC Multiverse.

Wonder Girl has served the cause of justice and represented the way of the Amazons since she was a child. The original Wonder Girl was the teenage version of Wonder Woman. The last two are Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark, both mentees of Wonder Woman and are members of the different incarnations of the Teen Titans.

Diana Prince as Wonder Girl

Back in the Silver Age era, writer Robert Kanigher created the story of Wondergirl as the younger version of Wonder Woman, the teenage version of Princess Diana of the Amazons. Until Impossible Tales was created, it featured the different age-period of Wonder Woman. The story started when her mother Queen Hippolyte was watching home movies of her daughter Diana. She got bored and edited footage of Diana as a toddler (Wonder Tot), a teen (Wonder Girl) and an adult (Wonder Woman) and made an imaginary story in which they all somehow co-existed and fought together.

Meanwhile, writer Bob Haney was obviously unaware that Wondergirl was not a separate character, so he included her to his new team, the Teen Titans. Readers were left with a teenage Wondergirl who existed alongside with her adult self as Wonder Woman. However, for a character without a real identity, the Teen Titan's Wondergirl was quite appealing. Her identity was kept secret so Diana Prince became her alter-ego.

Powers and abilities

As the teenage Diana Prince had all the similar powers and abilities of Wonder Woman. As an Amazonian champion, she possesses superhuman agility, strength, endurance, speed, and with highly developed fighting skills.

Weapons used

Weapons were the result of her Amazonian heritage. She got the Lasso of truth, tiara and silver bracelets to deflect bullets saving her from crime and evil.

Costume used

Wonder Girl's costume is the classic red and blue outfit customised with a sleeveless top emblazoned with a patriotic American eagle, star-spangled panty, golden Lasso of truth, silver bracelets and a pair of red flat shoes. She is a sweet young dark-haired babe, who fought enormously from evil and gave justice to the needy.

Donna Troy as Wonder Girl

Donna Troy was a unique and special character in all DC's multiverse because she became a living link to it in this new reality. Like many others, she also lived with alternate lives on different parallel earths. On Earth-1, she was born to Dorothy Hinkley, saved by Wonder Woman from the burning building, and raised by Queen Hippolyte on Paradise Island. On Earth-2, she was saved by a fireman and raised in Kanigher Orphanage. The Donna Troy of Earth-7 was saved by the Anti-Monitor and turned into Dark Angel, the Harbinger of Death. Donna Troy as Wondergirl is also the current Wonder Woman, having taken up the mantle during the absence of her sister Diana.

Donna Troy's Aliases

In pre-Crisis history, Donna Troy had no name other than "Wonder Girl". Unfortunately, since the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Donna Troy's origin has been rewritten several times that made her Troia, Darkstar and Troia reborn.

Donna as Wonder Girl

As Wondergirl, she was one of the founding members of Teen Titans or simply called The Titans, which composed of the teenaged superheroes together with the first Robin, Aqua Lad and Kid Flash. The team first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #54 (July 1964).

The connection between this Wondergirl and the younger version of Wonder Woman was not fully explained at the time. The mystery of Wondergirl's background would remain in the series until finally resolved in the 1980s. The secret origin started when Princess Diana who would later become the super-heroine, grew lonely. Her mother, Hippolyte had many responsibilities as queen, and being the only child on Paradise Island, Diana wished for a companion her own age. The Amazon sorceress Magala heard the young Princess' request. Using her magic, she created a magical double from a mirror image of young Princess Diana. This double was actually a reborn Donna Troy. They know that the queen would not look favorably on this, so Diana's new playmate remained a secret.

A few months after, the evil sorceress, Dark Angel, came to Paradise Island to claim a horrible revenge on the Queen, her mortal enemy. Unaware of Magala's spell, she kidnapped the mystic twin who she mistook for the real Diana and disperses her spirit across the multiverse to live multiple lives that end in tragedy. Through each of these lives, the girl was known as "Donna Troy." And, in reality, these multiple lives simulated Donna's past lives throughout the multiverse. The effect of these multiple tragedies was an attempt to torture Queen Hippolyte. But since the Queen remained unaware of Donna's existence, Dark Angel's spell had another effect.

In one of these parallel lives, Wonder Woman received a protege: Wondergirl. The heroine was Donna Troy, an orphan that Wonder Woman saved from a burning building. She took her to Themyscira, the Paradise Island to recover and after no trace of a family could be found, the girl was adopted by Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyte. While Donna was there she hung out with the Amazons and learned to fight. She also got super-powers and was healed using the Purple Ray, which Wonder Woman created as she received the powers of an Amazon. The heroine adopted the Donna Troy identity, as her alter ego as she journeyed into the Man's World as Wondergirl.

Powers and abilities

• Superhuman strength: It is obvious that her strength is magical in nature, given her height and weight. With her superhuman strength and superior fighting abilities, her strength is proven to be a match near of Superman's.

• Invulnerability: She has considerable resistance to human weaponries.

• Superhuman reflexes: Wonder Woman possesses reflex abilities in the range of 8 to 20 times from normal human reflexes.

• Superspeed: By her speed she is able to deflect attacks.

• Flight: Wonder Woman is capable of flight through magical means. In flight she can be presumed to be much faster if she wanted to be and she is a relatively capable of aerial combats as well.

Weapons used

Donna Troy as Wondergirl has had a variety of weapons and devices during her time, she has used a magical sword reputed to be able to cleave almost any material and magical shield on occasion, her indestructible bracelets, her weapon tiara, which could be used a boomerang, and even the Gauntlet of Atlas, which increased strength.

Even without her superhuman abilities, Wondergirl has been trained in various martial arts, weapons craft, and statescraft. She is an extraordinary Olympic-level athlete trained in all of the classic techniques of the Amazons.

Costume used

Her costume at first was like of Wonder Woman, but as time passed by, she changed it to a tight red over-all outfit with black boots. Her Lasso of Truth and Amazon silver bracelet still remained.

Donna as Troia

Over the years, the Teen Titans grew and changed, and became the New Teen Titans team. Still with the team, Donna graduated from college, and was back in New York and pursuing a career in fashion photography, at which profession she had already made a reputation for herself, despite her youth. She also met and shared a romantic relationship with divorced college professor Terry Long, with whom she revealed her dual identity and whom she later married.

Prior to her marriage, the superheroine engaged the help of Robin to discover her true name and background. They succeeded, and she learned for the first time that she was actually Donna Hinckley, whose mother discovered she was dying of cancer and gave Donna up to an orphanage. Donna was then adopted by the Stacey's, but when Carl Stacey was killed in an accident, his wife Fay was pushed to give Donna up for adoption again. She then became the object of a child-buying ring, and it was members of this criminal operation, presenting as her parents, who had died in the building fire from which Wonder Woman rescued the infant Donna. Until, she grew up in Themyscira and trained up.

Eventually in another parallel life, she was contacted by the Titans of Myth, who restored her memories. Rhea, queen of the Titans of myth, was the one to rescue Donna Troy on this new Earth. The Titans raised her and other children from around the galaxy to eventually save the gods themselves. All the seeds were returned to their homeworlds as they reached adolescence, their memories blocked so that they could learn the ways of their own people. In reward for her loyalty and to show the Titan-gods their esteem for their chosen daughter, they gave her special gifts. These ornaments and tokens came with special powers and abilities attached to each one. Upon returning to earth, Donna Troy fashioned these gifts into a new uniform and a new identity and became Troia. She took the name Troia in honor of her newfound heritage.

Things got complicated when she became pregnant. Being essentially a goddess, her child would have the powers of a god. In one possible future, her son took over the world as Lord Chaos. Monarch, in his effort to eliminate competition from other would-be conquerors, sent a team of newer Titans into the past to kill her before her son was born. In a rather messy storyline aptly titled Total Chaos, Donna gave up her powers to ensure her son would be normal.

Powers and abilities of Troia

As Troia, she's a goddess and given the power of all enhanced vision, light and force shields. In addition, she still had the power of flying, along with a super-human endurance, strength and speed, very much like Wonder Woman.

Costume used by Troia

Her costume as Troia is like a battle armor, which has a one-piece suit with shoulder shields and flaps hanging. She also had gauntlets and knee shields.

Donna as Darkstar

Events in Donna Troy's life soon took a bad turn; her marriage did not survive these crisis and she divorced. Terry Long cited that her superhero role put the family in danger and gained sole custody of their son. Donna later requested for her powers to be returned but was denied. Undismayed, Donna Troy found her new calling as part of a galactic police force; she became Darkstar and rejoined the Teen Titans. She sought a new direction in her life through the Darkstars and the Titans. Soon, she met Kyle Rayner, the new Green Lantern, who helped ease her pain and loneliness. Events led to the break up of the Titans, and shortly after, Donna Troy gave up her Darkstar identity to live the life of a normal woman for awhile, but still caught up in the superhero world and building new friendship with Wonder Woman.

Powers and abilities of Darkstar

As Darkstar she still had the power of super strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and flight. In addition she has the energy manipulation as concussive blasts, masers, and form protective force shields.

Costume used by Darkstar

She wore a motif of red, black, and white standard darkstar jumpsuit.

Donna as Troia Reborn

Donna was brought to the most depressed point of her life, when her ex-husband, son and stepdaughter were killed in a tragic car accident. Soon after, Dark Angel returned, vowing to destroy every incarnation of Donna Troy in every timeline, but Dark Angel was defeated. It turned out that the repeated lives actually strengthened Donna's soul, making it possible for her to exist independently. Upon Dark Angel's defeat, Donna Troy was fully restored again with all her previous memories. She resumed her life with renewed confidence and vigor. She found herself with powers similar to those of the Titans of Myth had given her. She took the name Troia once again and helped found the next group of Titans.

During The Titans and Young Justice crossover, a scheme by Brainiac involved the two teams being attacked by a Superman robot. The attack resulted in the death of Donna Troy. Unknown to her friends, Donna Troy had been reborn on a desolate world and her unique soul once again escaping annihilation. However, in June 2005, DC Comics released The Return of Donna Troy, a four-issue miniseries written by Phil Jimenez with art by Jose Garcia-Lopez and George Perez which marked the resurrection of Donna Troy and cleared up her multiple origins.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

When the Crisis on Infinite Earths collapsed the multiverse into a single universe, it merged thousands of alternate worlds into one single earth. While most souls were formed into a single existence after the great Crisis, Donna's soul proved to be an exception. Her lives merged together and unknown to her, she became a living link to the multiverse in this new reality. She was magically created to be the young Wonder Woman's twin, but kidnapped by Dark Angel, who had abandoned her master and escaped the Crisis. Donna lived hundreds of lives, and Dark Angel would appear at the lowest ebb of each and send her back to live the next.

Powers and abilities of Troia Reborn

The newly reborn Troia possesses enhanced Amazon level strength and durability. She can also fly and has been trained to be a fierce warrior as well as sparring with the Amazons. Like her sister Diana, Donna is also an embodiment of truth and has a natural affinity to animals and shares a psychic bond with her sister as well. She currently possesses the knowledge of every alternate universe version of herself and remembers the original multiverse as well as its history.

Costume used by Troia Reborn

She continues the good fight in the familiar starry black attire simply as the newly reborn Troia.

Cassandra Sandsmark as Wonder Girl


Cassandra Cassie Sandsmark, who is best known as the present young super-hero "Wonder Girl," is both a former member of the recent Teen Titans and Young Justice. Cassie is the daughter of the Greco-Roman god Zeus and a noted archeologist, Dr. Helena Sandsmark with whom Wonder Woman was working. She is an intelligent extrovert girl, whom she never knew at first that her father was Zeus, on the other hand Donna Troy, the fist Wondergirl made Cassie her predecessor.

She first derived powers from getting ancient Greek artifacts to help Wonder Woman. Her mother learned of her adventures and was very disapproving. Zeus then granted her his blessings and gave her actual powers and Cassie permanently assumed the role of Wondergirl over her mother's objection but then somehow approved. As Cassie continues adventuring, she received training from the former "stand-in" Wonder Woman, Artemis and by Donna Troy. As a sign of her support, Donna gave Cassie her old Wondergirl outfit. Cassie doesn't feel she has earned the honor to wear it quite yet.

As Wondergirl, Cassie joined Young Justice due to her crush on Superboy. Towards the end of the series Cassie became the leader of Young Justice. Eventually, her secret identity became public after the second Silver Swan attacked her at high school and she had to save people fast. This version of the Swan was incarnated under Dr Psycho's mental control.

Young Justice was disbanded after a crossover with Titans. During these events, Optitron offered to sponsor both the Titans and Young Justice. In the interim, a mysterious cybernetic girl known as Indigo emerged from the future resulting to Troia (Donna Troy as Wondergirl) and Omen death through unwittingly activating a rogue Superman robot. This event made a big impact on Cassie leaving her shaken and causing both teams to disband.

Cassie felt responsible for the tragic deaths. This led Wondergirl, Robin, Impulse and Superboy to form a new group of Teen Titans under the guidance of the more experienced Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy. Wondergirl continues to grow into her role, discovering new limits to her powers and finding new allies and enemies lurking among Ancient Myth. It was also during her Titans membership recently discovered her true lineage as the daughter of the Greek god, Zeus. A fact her mother had long concealed from her and that Wonder Woman knew but chose to hide from Cassie.

Infinite Crisis

After Superboy was mind-controlled by Lex Luthor, he took a leave of absence from the team. As the cosmic threat of the Infinite Crisis loomed, Superboy and Cassie took their relationship to the next level. Wondergirl felt her powers waning but Ares appeared to her and gave her a fraction of his godlike powers. Ares claimed the powers were a gift to his half-sister, in exchange for accepting him as her brother.

Superboy was summoned back into battle when the misguided Superboy-Prime attacked him. Nightwing and Superboy later teamed up to ambush Luthor's cosmic tower that will create a multi-universal cataclysm. Superboy and Superboy-Prime collided into Luthor's tower, creating a huge explosion. Superboy was suffering critical wounds as Wondergirl rushed to his side and died in her arms, having sacrificed his own life to save the universe. Shaken from these events, Wondergirl left the Titans and began crime-fighting on her own terms.

Powers and weapons used

Wondergirl's powers are explicitly derived from powers and artifacts she obtained from the Greco-Roman gods. These included the Gauntlet of Atlas and the Sandals of Hermes, which provided her with the powers of strength and flight. Her powers are mostly the same as Wonder Woman's, though instead of a lasso of truth she carries a lasso that is seemingly indestructible that can expel Zeus's lightning, given to her by the Greek god of war Ares. This magical weapon has become a useful tool to her as she was also trained on a hand-to-hand combat that enhanced her strength, speed, agility and durability.


Cassie sports a new costume, wearing a red Golden Age Wonder Woman-themed t-shirt and denim jeans; a look modeled from the deceased Superboy.

Other Media


• Debra Winger (1976) : A version of Wondergirl played by no less than Debra Winger, appeared in the Wonder Woman TV series in 1976. She appeared to be visually based on Donna Troy and named Drusilla, the sister of Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter. Her character as Wondergirl was very different in both personality and origin.


• The Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967) : Wondergirl as Donna Troy appeared on live-action cartoons in 1976. A 60-minute animation dedicated to Superman and Aquaman. Wondergirl appeared with the Teen Titans in short segments as guest stars.

• Teen Titans (October 2005) : Teen Titans is an American animated television series started on 2003, created by Sam Register and Glen Murakami and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Wondergirl's first and only 'unofficial' appearance on the series was featured in season five of the cartoon episodes "Homecoming Part 2" and "Calling All Titans". The creative team desperately wanted to use Wondergirl, one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. But due to legal and licensing reasons, Wondergirl was not available for use. But if you look carefully at the Brotherhood's view screens, there is an unidentified black haired girl with a ponytail and yellow star earrings resembles Donna Troy. This series originally aired in October 1, 2005.

Recent Comic Book

• Teen Titan Go! # 36 (October 2006) : Is a comic book published by DC Comics, written by J. Torres, art by Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker, and cover by Glen Murakami. Debut of an all-new Titan, as Robin recruits Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wondergirl.