Double Trouble


strong superheroine lifting a man up in the airAs promised last week, today we release the first chapter of a new short comic story. Called Double Trouble it follows the story of how Superwoman, foiling a robbery of an eminent scientist, discovers that it isn’t just her that is super on Earth.

Both heroines test their strength against each other, and the story will be continuing next week!

Our new alternative superheroine makes her first appearance on the website. You’ll be seeing more of her next week!


3 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. Nice chapter : the girls are beautiful. I hope they’ll show us many strength feats in the next chapters !

  2. Those last scenes with the heat vision challenge were great. That would make a fantastic story seeing two Supergirls ‘lazing’ a bad guy to show who is more precise with their beams and who has more powerful rays.

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