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On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation

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the juggler: A girl finds out -> is superstrong. after school transforms herself into her superheroin dress - says to the teacher she wants better mark. gives him bitchslaps - teacher gets angry - she pushes her little finger against chest- not able to move forward - she puts him into sweatbox - gets better mark - teacher calls police - she juggles with two police officers - throws them on the roof...


A superheroine dresses as a policewoman beats a villian and finally...a victory pose


A hypnotic super villain hypnotizes a super heroine to be his slave. He gives her the power of hypnosis and makes her hypnotize other female superheroes to be his slaves. All the women are given a new uniform.


Nerdy chemist is working on a formula for a love potion to use on his crush. He does and it works all too well. The concoction gets stronger and stronger as the girl gets more and more obsessed with him. Following him with huge smiles she tries to seduce him. He's a good guy and didn't want this. But its too late, she reveals her identity in public for approval which attracts a lot of her enemies now she defends him.


Girl is sitting in a coffee shop at her laptop when a guy runs past and nicks it. He leaves the shop with the computer in hand, but bumps into Superheroine. She beats him up a little and tells him to return the laptop to the girl. He sheepishly goes back into the coffee shop and hands it back to her and buys her a coffee. As he is leaving the girl smiles and we see a glimpse of her costume.


every Super heroine has a weakness it seems by having villains finding ways to exposes that, that helps build the story also, good Villain makes a story nothing like a reel evil person seeking revenge on a heroine or just being her names


self righteous and also defiant when she captured, also when she exposed to the kryptonite at first have her talk about how her powers are weakening instead of her stomach hurting


I was just thinking of one of your georgeous models being captured and tied up, while in weakened state drugged by some villains, and be belly punched for information by some thugs/villains. For a change I would really like to see one of your heroine REALLY take a very nasty long beating before she will or may prevail in the end! Don't get me wrong here, I would not be asking to see one of the heroine all bruised an


when she captured instead of wrapping the chain around her neck maybe chain or strap her down to examination table, or else put her hands in shackles and have them strung up above her head with her just standing there with barely enough strength to stand, also by going this route you could also have the evil bad girl torment SW even more, with her already being in a hopeless bad situation


instead of having her chained up in a chair think it would look better if she was chained spread eagle standing up, or her wrist were chained together strung up above her head, or have her chained down on some sort of examination table.


A woman with hypnotic powers, able to make men do whatever she tells them, or act on post-hypnotic suggestions (this is a kind of fetish with some support on other sites, such as the “Inraptured” forum


A woman not necessarily with super powers, but a “super-ninja” woman, one with skills from some ancient, subtle/gentle martial art (I mean holds, locks and pressure points, as opposed to kicks and punches – I find it more feminine than punching someone around)


Businesswoman has decided to run for office. Looks like a Meghan McCain type, so is not taken seriously. Alien female comes to take over the world, and sees new political candidate giving speech. The incumbent and others run for cover, while our kind, new candidate shows no fear. This is because she has powers, which we find out when she allows herself to be kidnapped to subdue alien in private.


Woman has an ancient magical LATEX catsuit that grants her magical superpowers. Her nosy neighbor finds out about the suit and plans to steal it for himself, desperate to have her powers for himself. When HE puts it on, the magical catsuit transforms him into a beautiful WOMAN with super powers, because only a woman is able to have the suit's powers, so it changes him into a woman before it grants him the powers.


A cocky supergirl arrives at supervillains lab to take them into custody a fight ensues with the super winning. Unfortunately She throws our villain where he has hidden kryptonite. the usual routine of Heroine trying to battle through, but eventually being bound and defeated. the villain then begins to train her. obediance=sexual pleasure. disobeys=krypto flogger. Reluctantly she gives in and becomes his slave.


Totaly agree whit Jonathan, the kryptonite necklace pool drowning scene must be done for superwoman. Nobody have done that before, nice underwater film with boots, pantyhoose and supergirl costume👍🏻
Something simular to superman pool scene


can i masterbate your red skirt Supergirl and get your panties wet


A super girl totally dominates a villain and makes the male villain worship her and kiss her boots and feet.


A superheroine is finally close to defeating her hated rival, pummeling her in an abandoned warehouse. After a long battle, and with the heroine about to land her final blow, the villainess opens her mouth, and switches souls and bodies with the heroine. After gloating, the villanness escapes in her new body, and the heroine is forced to try and find her and reverse the swap before the villainess taints her good name


Woman's girl pal goes to bank. Bank captured by thugs. Woman turns into SG (takes off her disguise, puts on her boots, skirt, and cape), then flies to bank. SG stops robbery using super powers. Remaining thug exits with SG's pal in car. Thug notices clouds around car, looks down and sees SG flying and carrying car. SG lands car at jail, ties up thug, and unties pal. SG and girl pal kiss. SG is Faye Tasker.


A busty young employee is working at the bank. She transforms into Miss Power and goes to confront the villian. But she is too cocky and is knocked out. She wakes in the villain's hideout and he enters the room. He begins to fondle her. He tells her she foolish for thinking that she could win so easily. He continues to fondle her until she climaxes and passes out from exhaustion. She is then striped of her costume.

Brandon Pearsell

Batgirl is seen by a jr. college professor while grading papers on a saturday. She has been tied up and left on a nearby rooftop. The professor has always been aroused by her and can't help himself. He takes her to an out of the way cabin and tames her. While out for a walk the kidnappers appear at the cabin. The professor ponders whose side to join. He decides to join with batgirl and they subdue kidnappers.

brian shields

A superheroine challenges other male super heros to see who is the dominate gender. She subdues the male super heroes legs and arms with frost breath, then school girl pins them to sit on their face. Loser gets the krypto-whatever weakness strapon


I find there is nothing more sexy than a superheroine who gets turned bad. A popular story I've seen in some Japanese shows is the superheroine defeating her arch enemy. Then she takes home the bad guys outfit, tries it on & gets turned into a supervillain. So sexy!


A sexy super heroine named flash-fire is investigating reported break ins when she finds her self chloroformed and unconscious on a house floor the super villain is non other than the seductive sexy blonde mesmura. mesmura finds herself pondering what to do with her captive then decides. Flash fire finds herself bound by chains to a table and gagged. Mesmura than proceeds to torture grope and fondle her prize.