Superwoman: A Female Future

Superwoman gives an abused wife her super powers


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

John's life is turned upside down when a gorgeous blonde enters his world. The incredible woman sympathises with John's wife who details the daily struggles with her abusive and ungrateful husband. After humiliating John using her incredible strength, the blonde then transforms into her 'normal' clothes the blue, red and yellow costume of her native planet. The superwoman then offers Roxanne a gift - to be just like her. Super strength, a super body, heat vision and everything she had. Roxanne takes the gift, despite John pleading with her not to as he realises he will have no power over her. Two days later, Roxanne wakes up and her and the blonde go out in the world to test Roxanne's new super powers. John waits at home, and when Roxanne returns home he get a full demonstration of how super human his wife now is, and how weak and feeble he is compared to her.

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