Superwoman: Mind Over Matter

Supergirl battles a woman with telekinetic powers who has the power to overcome her, and must use brains and not just brawn to defeat her.


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Supergirl is alerted to a building that is completely engulfed in toxic gas with one person inside: Samantha Wray, genius scientist working fro the government on groundbreaking new experiments designed to reverse severe mental disorders, whose work could provide immediate relief to veterans suffering from PTSD.

However, time is not on her side, and makes the decision to become the human guinea pig and test the formula on herself. The effects were swift and extreme as it renders her completely helpless and unconcious on her laboratory floor.

The mighty Supergirl transforms to save the day, but when she gets there, the female scientist refuses to leave (not to mention in a very sexy costume), and when Superwoman goes to move her, she finds that the brunette has amazing telekinetic powers, overpowering the Maid of Might easily.

With a squeeze of her hand and flick of her finger, the sexy scientist is able to control the young Supergirl, exerting incredible invisible pressure on her to leave her helpless and unconscious.

Upon waking, Supergirl has to use her mind, not just her brawn to fight this mysterious scientist.

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