Superwoman: Take Five

Supergirl takes timeout to kick some butt


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Gorgeous model Gemma is working with photographer when the young woman picks something up with her super hearing. The blonde changes into Supergirl and shoots up into the sky to save the day.

Seconds later the mighty superheroine lands in front of a man being threatened by a masked gunman who then unleashes a chorus of bullets which hit the gorgeous heroine in the chest.

Supergirl looks down at the bullets bouncing harmlessly off her chest and then zapping the gunman’s weapon with her heat vision. She lets the victim make a run for the door and then uses her amazing super breath to blow the gunman across the room.

The gunman lies on the floor as Supergirl strides across the room, bends down to pick the man up by his throat, and lifts him up into the air so effortlessly.

But, the gunman has one final trick up his sleeve - he pulls out a mysterious crystal. Supergirl laughs at first, but suddenly something about the crystal renders her completely helpless, and the super heroine drops to her knees as the bad man has the upper hand. The Maid of Might clutches her chest as the gunman stands over her with the pain-inducing crystal, before the stunning heroine mounts a final effort to stop him by swinging one of her long tanned legs and kicking him with her super strength across the room. The man begs for forgiveness as the heroine stands over him, before she then races up into the sky to get back to her superheroine photoshoot with Jon!


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