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Sonic Girl - Wrong House Thief breaks into the wrong house Superwoman: Vigilante Girl seeking revenge gets some help from Superwoman Superwoman: Punished First-person experience of when you break into Superwoman's apartment Superwoman: A Female Future Superwoman gives an abused wife her super powers Miss Power: Challenge Miss Power battles an equally power super villainess Superwoman: Not So Dumb Bad girl steals Superwoman's powers Superwoman: Mad Scientist Mad scientist accidently turns lab student into a Superwoman Super Chick: A Dark Defeat New superheroine gets to grips with her new powers Superwoman: Mind Over Matter Supergirl battles a woman with telekinetic powers who has the power to overcome her, and must use brains and not just brawn to defeat her. Wonder Babe: Hypnotic Betrayal Sonic Girl is hypnotised by a gang and used as a weapon against Wonder Babe Miss Power: Powerless Criminal Mastermind is fed up of Miss Power meddling in his affairs and goes about taking her powers away from her. Miss Power: Not this time Miss Power finds out that what seems to be a situation she can easily handle, turns out to be very dangerous Miss Power: Injection Rejection Miss Power poses as a callgirl, then transforms into the mighty heroine before beating a gang up. However, she is betrayed by the blonde who steals her powers. Superwoman: The Blind Date A robber spoils a young couple's blind date, but gets more than he bargained for as the blonde transforms into the amazing Superwoman