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Sonic Girl - Wrong House Thief breaks into the wrong house Superwoman - College Girl Deadly assassin abducts Superwoman Super Chick in A Dream Come True Super Chick: A Dream Come True Magical comic book transforms a girl into a superheroine Superwoman: The Office Misogynist office worked gets his ass kicked by his young female boss Superwoman: Physical Therapy Superwoman leads a domestic abuse therapy session Super Chick: Sisterhood Abused wife gets her revenge when she's given super powers Wonder Babe: Interception Hitwoman sent to retrieve an ancient artefact runs into Wonder Babe Superwoman: Punished First-person experience of when you break into Superwoman's apartment Superwoman: Bionic Bodyguard Superwoman must stop a kingpin who has acquired a Bionic Girl Superwoman: A Female Future Superwoman gives an abused wife her super powers Miss Power: Challenge Miss Power battles an equally power super villainess Superwoman: Not So Dumb Bad girl steals Superwoman's powers Superwoman: Mad Scientist Mad scientist accidently turns lab student into a Superwoman Wonder Babe: Photo Shoot Wonder Babe takes care of a drunk Superwoman: Rude Interruption First-person experience of being busted by Superwoman Super Chick: A Dark Defeat New superheroine gets to grips with her new powers Superior Girl: The Crystal Superior Girl lured into a trap to steal her powers Superior Girl: Unknown Protector Supergirl is working undercover inside the mob Superwoman: Take Five Supergirl takes timeout to kick some butt Wonder Babe: Hypnotic Betrayal Sonic Girl is hypnotised by a gang and used as a weapon against Wonder Babe Bionic Girl: Future is Female Harry comes face-to-face with a girl he kidnapped 14 years ago... but now she has been injected with micro-bots that have given her super-human strength and powers Superwoman: Reluctant Criminal A desperate man is the first guinea pig for a sexy young college student about to unlock the secrets of a mysterious power and transform into the amazing Superwoman. Miss Power: Powerless Criminal Mastermind is fed up of Miss Power meddling in his affairs and goes about taking her powers away from her. Lightening Girl: Arrogance Its late 2012 and 'The Event' occurred three months ago. A massive mutation created a breed of super strong, invincible, female heroines - all under the age of twenty Miss Power: Time Travel An evil super villainess travels back in time to confront a younger, more inexperienced Miss Power in the past.