7 thoughts on “Paris Roxanne makes a great Wonder Woman (14 photos)

  1. Paris Dylan is so beautiful and is the best Wonder Woman EVER! SHAME on DC COMICS for being threatened by her beauty and how wonderful she looks in the wonder woman costume! They made the company who makes the films remove EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU DC COMICS! Paris Dylan is a BETTER Wonder Woman than youve EVER HAD!!!!!!! FYI your comics REEEEEEEEEK

  2. Yes its really stupid. Paris D. is a great wonder woman and i have all the movies b 4 DC comics removed everything. Yeah they should be threatened she is the most beautiful Wonder Woman and the movies she made are great. The POS’s at DC comic are lame and the comics r lame give me Paris Dylan as wonder woman anyday. Piss on DCC

  3. Why isnt my comment being printed? DC comics afraid of PARIS DYLAN? Take all the wonder woman stuff down stinky old dc lame comics. I HAVE MY MOVIES OF HER HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. We will write this EVERYWHERE about DC comics doing that to paris dylans movies. so just keep taknig everything down PATHETIC dc comic fart heads

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