Superheroine movies and
live-action comics

Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and many many more

Latest Superheroine Films

Short movies of superheroines kicking ass, feautring Supergirl, Power Girl, Wonder Woman and more.

Superwoman - 5 vs 1

PREVIEW TEXT Superwoman finds herself facing five thugs

Sonic Girl: Mind Control

Madman brings Sonic Girl under his control and Superior Girl must stop him

Miss Power: Birthday Wish

Girlfriend transformed into superheroine after some birthday roleplay

Superwoman: DNA Disaster

Mad scientist clones Superwoman, resulting in battle between the two heroines

Latest Superheroine Comics

Short movies of superheroines kicking ass, feautring Supergirl, Power Girl, Wonder Woman and more.

Superwoman - Not So Dumb

Bad girl steals Superwoman's powers

Lightening Girl - Arrogance

Mastermind comes up against two young superheroines

Superwoman - Double Trouble

Two Superwomen turn up to the same robbery. Who is the imposter?

Miss Power - Deadly Alliance

A stunning, but mysterious girl visits a gang of thugs showing them how to kill Miss Power. But can they trust her

Superwoman - Krypto Trap

Superwoman stops a madman from blowing up the city.

Bionic Girl - Future is Female 2

Girl faces her abuser, but now with super-human strength

Superwoman - Sibling Rivalry

A notorious robber is a weak pawn in a power struggle between two super human sisters.

Wonder Babe - Exchange of Power

Wonder Babe battles a dangerous brunette who steals her powers.

Superwoman - The Blind Date

A robber spoils a young couple's blind date, but gets more than he bargained for as the blonde transforms into the amazing Superwoman

Superwoman - Reluctant Criminal

A desperate man is the first guinea pig for a sexy young college student about to unlock the secrets of a mysterious power and transform into the amazing Superwoman.

Miss Power - Injection Rejection

Miss Power poses as a callgirl, then transforms into the mighty heroine before beating a gang up. However, she is betrayed by the blonde who steals her powers.

Superwoman: Teacher

Daydreaming student discovers his teacher is Superwoman

The Female Future

Imagine a world in the near future, dominated by super strong women

Episode 04

An "Ultra" steps in when an old boyfriend gets into trouble with a loan shark

Episode 03

Two girls test their strength out against a gang of drug dealers

Episode 02

Anna is back, and this time she's in a bra, hot pants and a mask

Episode 01

College girl, Anna, discovers her super-human strength