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Totaly agree whit Jonathan, the kryptonite necklace pool drowning scene must be done for superwoman. Nobody have done that before, nice underwater film with boots, pantyhoose and supergirl costume👍🏻
Something simular to superman pool scene


A girl in super short jean shorts, crop top, and boots walks past a man. The man timidly asks her out. She laughs and starts being sexy, but all of the sudden and super speeds around him. She uses her powers to beat him up without giving him a chance. He can never fight back and she just laughs, but doesn't talk. He ends up on the ground, she just looks at him, smiles, then flies away. He never had time to even punch

James Hertz

The victim is sitting on the couch or bed with hands tied in front. The girl arrives (Hair all down, wearing a simple LOW-CUT black TANKTOP (with thin straps), seductively asks a question and whispers in his ear. He refuses to answer. The girl then enters BEHIND him and sits behind him on the couch between her legs. She massages his


can i masterbate your red skirt Supergirl and get your panties wet


our superheroine let the young college girls punch and kick her hard, she feels pain and is hurted but is the only way to vanish the spell, when finally she falls unconcious because of all that ass kick, the girls recover concioussness and are very sad and help our weak superheroine to recover forces. wonder babe would be the superheroine, and the girls might be controlled by the evil golden apples of Eris the witch


a superheroine arrives to a convention in her honor were some girls (4 or 5) dressed like college students want to give her a tribute for all her heroical actions but a villianess makes a spell and make them hate and turn against the superheroine. She don´t understand what´s happening, but she can easily defeat and control the brainwashed girls until she realizes the only way to break the spell is let the girls win!!


a pantyhose encased villianess breaks into a superheroine's home to overpower, tie up, tease and fart on her. she then leaves laughing. the
pissed off heroine frees herself and hunts down the villianess to return
the favor. she ties up said villianess and teases and farts on her before leaving her for the police.

Neil Burns

Girl's hands bound and girl is raised up by hands till feet dont touch and navel is eye level. Super hero is hypnotized by navel.


A superheroine is drugged only to wake up in the clutches of a villain. The heroine is enslaved (collar), sexy uniform. And forced into sex, however, the villain is giving her a powerful aphrodisiac making her more and more obediant.


Lightning Girl sees a thug mug and abduct a beautiful girl. She follows him to a deserted warehouse... but she's been lured into a trap! Several more thugs attack her, and after she beats them all back she's attacked by their boss: a Dark Ninja who defeats her, strips her and fucks her into submission. She's finally forced to eat the pussy of the girl she came to save before both are chained in crates to be sold.


Olive Oyl is the superhero. She is being beaten by bluto's sister. Olive Oyl is thrown next to popeye's spinach. Olive eats some spinach,flexes her biceps(make sure she is wearing a short sleeve SHIRT so we can see the biceps), Gets on top of blutto's sister shows muscles again and starts beating on her. Blutto's sister runs off and Olive Flexes in victory

mark plude

Olive Oyl is the superhero. She is being beaten by bluto's sister. Olive Oyl is thrown next to popeye's spinach. Olive eats some spinach,flexes her biceps(make sure she is wearing a short sleeve shirt so we can see the biceps), Gets on top of blutto's sister shows muscles again and starts beating on her. Blutto's sister runs off and Olive Flexes in victory

mark plude

My idea about a corrupt policewoman who has gained the ability to absorb power and life-essence form others who call superwoman for help. She then starts draining her strength, powers and life-energy to the point of killing her. There a new superwoman in town, but she wants more, she wants the power of all the heroine, she wants to be a god.


16 year old daughter of an inventor , invents a machine , out of an old soda machine-telephonebooth,with a laptop computer-radio-cd/dvdplayer,arcadegame,car ignitiongears,uses rainbow-rose-prisms,keys,and butterfly-rainbow belt,sketchbook to transform into "Blue Knight!", has long ,wavey brown hair , sea green eyes, red ,white and blue school uniform,shoes.,as Blue Knight , she wears a dark blue suit,hooded cloak.

Juli Summer

Supergirl fly over city and see a a woman being beated up by a drug gang. She fly down to street and kick their asses all 20 of them. Then she save woman and take her into her supergirl aparment on top of floor and have a good lesbian sex with woman.


A cocky supergirl arrives at supervillains lab to take them into custody a fight ensues with the super winning. Unfortunately She throws our villain where he has hidden kryptonite. the usual routine of Heroine trying to battle through, but eventually being bound and defeated. the villain then begins to train her. obediance=sexual pleasure. disobeys=krypto flogger. Reluctantly she gives in and becomes his slave.


i would like to see a belly baring superheroine get a sword pointed at her stomach and she sucks in her belly to avoid it. Then whatever happens next is up to you guys. Preferably something involving her getting chained and stripped while still getting her belly teased


Superior Girl is attacked from behind and tied to a bed with limbs spread apart and gagged. She is groped and then becomes evil.


The super heroin goes into a house that is being robbed. The Villain has super strength and beats her down and takes off her out fit while the screen fades to black. Then she wakes up tied to a chair, but wears nothing but white panties. You can do anything else.


A woman sits at home reading the personals Man seeks female to dominate and control. She decides to reach out and meet him and they both decide to meet at his place. After a few words from him she excuses herself and goes into the bathroom. Trying to remember how to perform her spin transformation to become wonder woman. She comes out with a big grin and ties him up and says so you like to dominate woman


I.m.h.o. there's nothing sexier than 2 superheroines who decide to leave apart their superpowers and decide to settle their rivalry like 2 real women. So they fall onto the floor doing anything else than rolling tangled, legslocked and intertwined with their sexy heroines' pantyhoses, in a classic floor rolling catball, fighting like 2 wildcats. I'm ready to sponsor such a scene, lasting at least 40 mins


A super girl totally dominates a villain and makes the male villain worship her and kiss her boots and feet.


So there is a girl called Amy and she get into hipnosis and she is seduced and she is forced to become lesbian with the villainess and Amy goes to far and starts to lick the villainess' fagina and she loved it so she done it back and then the villaniess gets thirsty and drinks milk from Amy's boob and the keep on kissing and licking until it turns into sex....


Woman has an ancient magical LATEX catsuit that grants her magical superpowers. Her nosy neighbor finds out about the suit and plans to steal it for himself, desperate to have her powers for himself. When HE puts it on, the magical catsuit transforms him into a beautiful WOMAN with super powers, because only a woman is able to have the suit's powers, so it changes him into a woman before it grants him the powers.


A young girl was hipntysed by a evil woman an was told that she had to kidnapp her best friend so before the evil woman had her way with her she let her best friend have her way so she climed on top of her and was seizing her and went to the kitchen got the knife went back to her best friend and stabbed her the evil woman told her that she was going to do the egzact same...