Live-action Superheroine
Comic Books

Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and many many more

Superwoman - Not So Dumb

Bad girl steals Superwoman's powers

Lightening Girl - Arrogance

Mastermind comes up against two young superheroines

Superwoman - Double Trouble

Two Superwomen turn up to the same robbery. Who is the imposter?

Miss Power - Deadly Alliance

A stunning, but mysterious girl visits a gang of thugs showing them how to kill Miss Power. But can they trust her

Superwoman - Krypto Trap

Superwoman stops a madman from blowing up the city.

Bionic Girl - Future is Female 2

Girl faces her abuser, but now with super-human strength

Superwoman - Sibling Rivalry

A notorious robber is a weak pawn in a power struggle between two super human sisters.

Wonder Babe - Exchange of Power

Wonder Babe battles a dangerous brunette who steals her powers.

Superwoman - The Blind Date

A robber spoils a young couple's blind date, but gets more than he bargained for as the blonde transforms into the amazing Superwoman

Superwoman - Reluctant Criminal

A desperate man is the first guinea pig for a sexy young college student about to unlock the secrets of a mysterious power and transform into the amazing Superwoman.

Miss Power - Injection Rejection

Miss Power poses as a callgirl, then transforms into the mighty heroine before beating a gang up. However, she is betrayed by the blonde who steals her powers.

Superwoman: Teacher

Daydreaming student discovers his teacher is Superwoman

Miss Power: Powerless

Criminal Mastermind robs Miss Power of her powers

Miss Power: Parole

Miss Power roughs up gang member just released from jail

Super Chick: Dark Defeat

New superheroine gets to grips with her new powers

Miss Power - The Package

Miss Power overcomes a powerful, mysterious crystal

Superwoman - Nuclea

Superwoman faces an beautiful energy-absorbing adversary

Sonic Girl - Busted

Stalker picks the wrong victim

Superwoman - Student Photographer

Thief runs into a student photographer with a secret

Super Chick: A Dream Come True

Magical comic book transforms a girl into a superheroine

Superwoman: The Office

Misogynist office worked gets his ass kicked by his young female boss

Sonic Girl - Wrong House

Thief breaks into the wrong house

Superwoman: Physical Therapy

Superwoman leads a domestic abuse therapy session

Superwoman - College Girl

Deadly assassin abducts Superwoman

Super Chick: Sisterhood

Abused wife gets her revenge when she's given super powers

Miss Power: Ultimate Weapon

Mind control crystal overcomes Miss Power

Superwoman: Vigilante

Girl seeking revenge gets some help from Superwoman

Miss Power: One at a Time

Superman is tricked by a gorgeous blonde who steals his powers