Superheroine Films

Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and many many more

Superwoman - 5 vs 1

PREVIEW TEXT Superwoman finds herself facing five thugs

Sonic Girl: Mind Control

Madman brings Sonic Girl under his control and Superior Girl must stop him

Miss Power: Birthday Wish

Girlfriend transformed into superheroine after some birthday roleplay

Superwoman: DNA Disaster

Mad scientist clones Superwoman, resulting in battle between the two heroines

Superwoman: Suspicious Casting

Superwoman saves a young woman by giving her super powers

Taking Over Business

Drug dealer creates a Bionic Girl to win turf war

Super Wish 2

Superwoman's boyfriend is in debt. Pity the debt collector

Super Wish 1

Comic book geek's girlfriend turns into Superwoman!

Unwanted Guest

Superwoman faces down a supervillainess from another planet

The Debt

Miss Power teaches a debt collector some manners

Wrong Side

Wonder Babe is hypnotised by an ambitious gangster

Blind Date

Even Superwoman is finding it tough to keep hold of a good man


Woman receives a mysterious gift in the post, but powerful men want it back


Superwoman is tricked by an evil mastermind

The Forger

Superwoman intercepts a deal between a known gangster and a talented forger.