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Superwoman - DNA Disaster Mad scientist clones the amazing Superwoman, setting up a battle between Superwoman and the evil cloned super villainess. Superwoman - Super Wish 1 Comicbook geeks girlfriend turns into Superwoman! Miss Power - Birthday Wish Girlfriend transformed into superheroine after some birthday roleplay Bionic Girl - Taking Over Business Two drug dealers are at war with each other over territory, and for one of the men, he seems to have come up with the perfect solution: a bionic girl. Superwoman - Super Wish 2 It just so happens that the new Superwoman's boyfriend has an outstanding debt with the local kingpin - what a coincidence! Danica Thrall stars as the amazing Maid of Might Superwoman - Blind Date Even Superwoman is finding it tough to keep hold of a good man Ultimate Girl - Bracelet Woman receives a mysterious gift in the post, but powerful men want it back Wonder Babe - Wrong Side Wonder Babe is outwitted and hypnotised by an ambitious gangster Superwoman - The Forger Superwoman intercepts a deal between a known gangster and a talented forger. Superwoman - Suspicious Casting A young naive girl arrives alone at a casting for a film, and is trapped inside the building by the the Casting Director. But Superwoman saves the day as she changes from her sexy black wet-look leggings into the even more sexy Superwoman costume. Superwoman - Unwanted Guest Superwoman faces down a supervillainess from another planet Miss Power - The Debt Miss Power teaches a debt collector some manners Superwoman - Intoxication Superwoman is tricked by an evil mastermind who steals the young heroine's powers