Super Chick: A Dream Come True

Magical comic book transforms a girl into a superheroine


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Brittany discovers Jake's fondness for comic books, and in particular comic books that feature strong female superheroines. However, that isn't all. After reading a few pages the comic book comes alive and Brittany is transformed into a super strong heroine.

She waits until Jake gets back and then after teasing him about his love of superheroine comic books, shows off her new powersb by transforming into a tight spandex costume and then demonstrating her incredible strength and heat vision.

She then returns to work the next day and gives her rude, misogynistic boss a taste of her new powers by transforming into her costume and showing him just how strong she now was.

That night Brittany puts on a sexy dress, and reminding Jake just how strong and superior she was, she goes out to a club and deals with a low-life by using her strength and heat vision.

The next day she visits Jake at work to apologise for her aggressive behaviour the day before and luckily she is there in her office clothes as a man with a gun is robbing the place. She immediately transforms into the mighty Super Chick. The gunman shoots at her but the bullets bounce off her exposed chest, before the heroine uses her heat vision to disarm him and then snapping the gun in half. The gunman tries to make a run for it but she is too fast and catches him, shoves him up against a wall and lifts him up into the air by the back of his jacket.


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