Superwoman: Mad Scientist

Mad scientist accidently turns lab student into a Superwoman


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Univeristy is expensive, and Alice turns up at a lab to undertake some drug trial test to earn herself some money. But this lab was unlike any other, and after his machine malfunctions with Alice on the table, the mad scientist conducting the texts explodes in a fit of rage when 10 years of his work explodes right before his eyes. He takes his frustration out on the girl, but the young woman pushes him away with such venom that he is thrown unconciously across the room. Frightened and scared, Alice flees from the scene, and its at home that she discovers her new powers.

Understanding what may have happened to her, Alice turns and transforms into Superwoman, costume and all, and then goes back to the mad scientists laboratory to get some answers and test our her new incredible strength and powers on him.


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