Sonic Girl - Wrong House

Thief breaks into the wrong house


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Pity the poor schmuck who picks an apartment to rob, only to quickly realise that not only are there two beautiful girls inside, but also that they turn out to be Sonic Girl and Superwoman!

The two superheroines transform from their civilian clothing into their incredible costumes and decide what to do with him. Of course he runs, but Sonic Girl uses her lightening speed to intercept him and then using her amazing super breath, blows him up into the air, landing at the feet of Superwoman. Its then her turn, and she nonchalantly picks him up into the air before throwing him back across the room. Running out of options, the thief takes out his gun, much to the amusement of the girls, and when his bullets simply bounce off their chests, Sonic Girl uses her heat vision and breaks the gun in two with her bare hands. Superwoman then joins in the action and kicks him across the room with a swing of her gorgeous legs and then Sonic Girl knocks him out cold with a single punch!

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