Superwoman: Vigilante

Girl seeking revenge gets some help from Superwoman


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Clarrisa Thomason, a young student, has tracked down and is following the man that brutally attacked her a year ago. It is the first time she has seen him since that night that changed her life forever. But she now has training, and she is going to make him via by way of her martial arts training.

Everything goes to plan and Clarrisa dominates him with her superior fighting skills until she is blindsided with a metal bar and the massive man stands over her. But just then, as luck would have it the mightly Superwoman hears Clarrisa's cries for help and intervenes just in time.

The Maid of Might listens to the girls story as Robbie grabs his gun and releases a few rounds onto Superwoman's chest before fleeing.

But the young girl does get her revenge courtesy of Superwoman.

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