Miss Power: One at a Time

Superman is tricked by a gorgeous blonde who steals his powers


The mighty Superman is tricked by a gorgeous blonde who is sent a small rock by an anonymous sender, claiming that it will weaken Superman and transfer his powers to whomever is near him. The stunning, busty blonde dresses for the occasion and lures the hapless man into her honeytrap where she finds that it is true: She gains Superman's powers and demonstrates her incredible strength by beating him unconscious.

However, just before he blacks out he manages to call his cousin, the maid of might, Superwoman.

The incredible heroines touches down in the apartment to see her cousin weaker than ever before. The student, the one that stole his powers, tells Superwoman that she must beg for her cousin's life, after which the new super villainess beats her in the same way that she beat up Superman and stands before them both. She then reaches down and crushes both their throats before stepping out on the balcony to wreak her own havoc.


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