Wonder Babe: Hypnotic Betrayal

Sonic Girl is hypnotised by a gang and used as a weapon against Wonder Babe


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Sonic Girl is working undercover, tracking down a notorious gang, when she is forced to transform into her incredible costume. Tricked into entering the building, the young blonde superheroine is blasted with a weapon that renders her temporarily helpless - enough time for a hypnotist to stare her down and bring her under his control.

Meanwhile, Wonder Babe is called into action and transforms from her Hooter work outfit into the sexy Wonder Babe costume. She then tracks down Sonic Girl, and after despatching a couple of goons with her speed and strength, the busty superheroine then finds Sonic Girl and frees her.

However, the hypnotist then invokes the magic word and Sonic Girl is again brought under his control, and he uses Sonic Girl to attack Wonder Babe, overcoming Wonder Babe with her superior strength, and Wonder Babe's unwillingness to fight her friend. Eventually Sonic Girl beats Wonder Babe down, and the gorgeous superheroine is forced to beg for her life, and tries again to snap Sonic Girl out of her trance, which she does, and the two superheroines teach the bad guys a lesson or two.

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