Smallville Supergirl video clips

Some great clips featuring Supergirl from the 7th series of Smallville: Thanks to JAG1981 Great clip featuring Supergirl from Smallville trying to “fit in” by bending a prison bar so easily with her bare hands Click to View Heat vision Click to View Fighting two other super women Click to View Ripping a door off a car Click to View Supergirl in a red bikini! … Continue reading Smallville Supergirl video clips

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah – superheroine

Found another great clip featuring a woman given super powers by a meteorite (I think), and then turns into this flame-haired superheroine. The clip below features the heroine ripping a tree out of the ground, testing out her amazing jumping abilities, and then fighting 4 other superheroines. There is one bit in there where she fights a guy – all pretty good. Continue reading ZsaZsa Zaturnnah – superheroine

All Saints in All Hooked Up kicking some ass

All, Bit of an oldie, but I love the All Hooked UP music video from All Saints as they really kick some ass throwing around some guys with amazing super strength. The following is a quick sneak preview image to the video clip, below that is the YouTube version, and then a link to a high resolution version available from RapidShare. Hope you all enjoy. … Continue reading All Saints in All Hooked Up kicking some ass

Guiding Light Superheroine

All – Not sure if anyone saw the Guiding Light episode featuring a new superheroine, but I’ve been rooting around the web and found a few items that could be interesting. Still waiting for one of our friends in America who saw the episode to upload something to YouTube (or other places) but in the meantime I thought I’d whet you appetite with some links … Continue reading Guiding Light Superheroine

Americas Next Model: Superheroines

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know about a great clip I saw over the weekend featuring America’s Next Models. Now, I’m not normally one to watch this program but this episode was of particular interest because it featured a number of (supposedly) America’s most beautiful girls dressed up as superheroines fixed up to harnesses and flying through the air!! It’s a pretty … Continue reading Americas Next Model: Superheroines