Miss Power in Powerless

It’s a big one!! Emma and Nicole are back in their massive comic book Powerless, with a whopping 204 pages of superheroine power! Comic book synopsis: The stunning Miss Power regularly checks up on criminal mastermind Brad Jones to ensure he hasn’t slipped into his old nefarious ways. Humiliating him in front of his buddy, Brad vows to seek his revenge on the busty brunette, … Continue reading Miss Power in Powerless

Super Chick in Dark Defeat

Chantelle and Julie are back in a superheroine comic book as the incredible Super Chick and Dark Star. 43 pages of kick-ass superheroine action! Comic book synopsis: A new teenager superheroine toys around with a common thief, testing out her new superhuman powers on the man by throwing him around, using her heat vision, and lifting him above her head and up by his throat. … Continue reading Super Chick in Dark Defeat

Miss Power in The Package

Kim stars as the amazing Miss Power in an action-packed live-action superheroine comic book: The Parole. 87 pages of Miss Power in action! Comic book synopsis: The beautiful Miss Power, protector of the city, confronts two criminals on the run from a bank heist. She easily despatches both men after they learn their knives and guns have no effect on her. The young brunette shows … Continue reading Miss Power in The Package

Superwoman in Nuclea

Gemma Hiles is back! This time as Superwoman in DF Fan’s “Nuclea”. Gemma and Julie star in 32 pages of superheroine live-action fantasy comic book! Comic book synopsis: Superwoman is on hand when a state-of-the-art nuclear power plant malfunctions, trapping an inspection team deep inside the facility. The incredible girl of steel goes to save Sasha and her colleagues, only to find that the lead … Continue reading Superwoman in Nuclea

Superwoman in Student Photographer

A professional thief has been hired to retrieve an incriminating tape. Everything looks to be running as planned until a young blonde girl runs into him, and his luck runs out. The young woman is the mighty Superwoman, and she transforms into her familiar costume to apprehend him. Download the 26 page live-action comic book featuring Lauren Hurley here: Download https://www.superheroines.net/superheroine-comics/comic-031 Superwoman – Lauren Hurley … Continue reading Superwoman in Student Photographer

Pretty blonde Supergirl lifting man up by his collar

Supergirl in Unknown Protector

I’m happy to say that I have reuploaded ‘Supergirl: Unknown Protector’ for download. Here is a synopsis: Supergirl is working undercover, working her way into local mobster Leo Downing’s organisation, when a disgrunted business owner comes to exact his revenge for a recent scam. The big disgruntled man ignores the undercover superheroine’s plea to come back, and he assaults Leo with a metal bar. With … Continue reading Supergirl in Unknown Protector

Supergirl in Mind Over Matter

Hey y’all, I just re-released the “Mind Over Matter” comic book featuring Gemma Hiles as the amazing Supergirl who battles a woman with telekinetic powers who has the power to overcome her, and must use brains and not just brawn to defeat her!! Check it out at: http://superheroines.net/superheroine-comics/superwoman-mind-over-matter Some preview images of the comic book here: Comic Book Synopsis Supergirl is alerted to a building … Continue reading Supergirl in Mind Over Matter

Photo of the Day – Anastasiya Breadson

Anastasiya looks great as Superwoman, Supergirl, Superior Girl, Sonic Girl and everything in between. She first appeared on Superheroines.net playing Superwoman in DNA Disaster, as a reporter helping one of the worlds greatest scientists in creating a technology that could help the entire world. Loved how Superwoman looked, and her flirtation with the scientist. Model – Anastasiya Breadson Comic – Superwoman – DNA Disaster Continue reading Photo of the Day – Anastasiya Breadson

Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

So last week I _finally_ managed to get everything working and the superheroine comic book Miss Power: Powerless was eventually released. All I’ll say is that I’m not getting back into the old ways – it was a technical problem but this has been kind of fixed, and by the time I upload my next release I won’t have the same problem. So some details: … Continue reading Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

Teaser – the blonde Bionic Girl in Miss Power – Powerless

So I’m guessing you’ve been wondering who the stunning blonde in the sexy little blue outfit is? Her identity is mysterious, but as you’ll see from below, the girl has attitude! Miss Power – Powerless is released on Friday. (a little) more of Nicole Neale here: http://www.superheroines.net/models/nicole-neale Continue reading Teaser – the blonde Bionic Girl in Miss Power – Powerless

Reseeding progress – some Superheroine Comics now available for download

Hey all, quick note to update you on reseeding the new Superheroines.net website: Superheroine Peril = all done Superheroine Films = all done Superheroine Comics = NOT nearly done! Superheroines Photos = NOT even started My aim is to get a new comic book out this week and also migrate a few of the old comic books across. Key thing is the link to download … Continue reading Reseeding progress – some Superheroine Comics now available for download