So what would you do if this happened

On Thursday I published a post about Submitting Stories and I inserted an old picture of Kyla Cole. She does – of course – look absolutely phenomonal. So it then got me thinking. Its Friday, you come home after a long week at work and you know you have your place to yourself for the evening. You’re thinking you’ll crack open a few beers and … Continue reading So what would you do if this happened

Member and community Support and Feedback

I’m keen to improve on: a) help and support on all websites I look after b) obtaining and acting upon suggestions on how to improve the website, the comic books, the movies, etc So I have created two accounts: GetSatisfaction This is for you guys to get in touch if you have a problem with your membership, with a website, or any general support … Continue reading Member and community Support and Feedback

Poll – your favourite model

This should divide opinion! Who has been your top 3 favourite models that have graced the pages of the comic books over the last seven years. A tricky one because I think that the superheroine they played may be a factor. For a listing of all 56 models, have a look at: Once the results are collated and published I’ll then contact the … Continue reading Poll – your favourite model

Poll – your favourite comic book

So, I’m in the mood for another poll. This time to find out your Top 5 favourite comic books of all time. In the last 7 years I’ve published 70 comic books, and I’m really interested to know what the top 5 comic books are. You can choose up to 5 comic books I will close the poll on 1st June 2012 and publish … Continue reading Poll – your favourite comic book

Poll – Comic Book vs Photo Story

Hey, so yesterday I uploaded a three chapter story called ‘Crush’ featuring a very sexy girl who defends her crush against some big jock. Nothing new in this right? Well, it was the first time I’ve published a story in what I call a ‘’ style. Let me be clear, I’m not saying the MandiSteele way is wrong, or inferior, etc. They do it very … Continue reading Poll – Comic Book vs Photo Story

Ultimate Supergirl Poll – closes 31st May

For anyone that hasn’t yet completely the ‘Ultimate Supergirl’ poll and told me all the attributes that make up your perfect superheroine, have a look at the link below: I’ll be collating all the results and publishing in the first week of June, so get your opinion in now! Continue reading Ultimate Supergirl Poll – closes 31st May

New superheroine costume

So next week I’m meeting my friend who creates all my costumes for me. She’s in retirement but after a lot of begging I’ve managed to convince her that for the sake of hundreds of superheroine fans that want to see their favourite sexy models in tight superheroine costumes, she has agreed to create some new ones for me. She digs the whole superheroine thing … Continue reading New superheroine costume

Wonder Girl costume

Its about time that we introduce a new superheroine to the SuperSexyHeroines universe. I was thinking a new young and sexy character based on the Wonder Girl costume. i.e. something kind of like Wonder Woman, but a little more contempory and something that young women today would actually wear. I’m not suggesting that I’m going to do away with Wonder Babe. Instead I want to … Continue reading Wonder Girl costume

What super-villainess do you want in the next chapter?

I’m shooting the next comic book for the website tomorrow, and I think I’ve picked a story that we can do in that location. So I’m just preparing things and deciding on the costume that the super-villainess will be wearing. But then I thought that if you guys are choosing the story, why don’t you choose the villainess outfit too! To give you a … Continue reading What super-villainess do you want in the next chapter?

Feedback on making, and better

Hey, I’m in regular contact with a lot of SuperSexyHeroines subscribers, and as some of them will know, taking on the, and websites is actually a lot more work than I anticipated. The thing is, my job is not just to keep them alive and keep them posting new superheroine content – the reason I have got on-board is to make them … Continue reading Feedback on making, and better

Superheroine peril and distress

Its Friday night and instead of having a few drinks with my buddies I’m on my computer pondering a few things. Actually, one general them: Peril, distress, hypnotising, lack of power, conflict, etc, etc. Most of you guys know that I’m not into peril at all. I like my supergirls to be super, to be strong, etc, etc. But…. I know that a lot of … Continue reading Superheroine peril and distress