ai artificial intelligence generated image of Supergirl

Ai generated Supergirls on DeviantArt

Everyone knows DeviantArt, right? If you’ve been on there recently, you’ll have noticed how many new ai artists have popped up showing off their art. Whether you agree that natural language prompting can be classified as art, you can’t deny that some of the output is quite mesmerising. I don’t quite understand how people are able to run the equivalent of Midjourney on their local … Continue reading Ai generated Supergirls on DeviantArt

Supergirl and artificial intelligence is kicking off!

Back at the end of 2022 I started playing around with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion to create images of Supergirl and other superheroines using simple text prompts. The images that the Ai was able to create were impressive but still pretty basic and rough around the edges. But in the last couple of weeks… man, some talented people out there are creating some CRAZY images. … Continue reading Supergirl and artificial intelligence is kicking off!

Open for commissions and custom movies!

I’m really excited to open up a page where superheroine fans can now describe a whole story, or just a scene, or even just a single piece of action, power or dialogue, and I’ll try and make it happen. If you have an idea for a superheroine or “Female Future” story that you’d like me to bring to life, I’d love to hear from you … Continue reading Open for commissions and custom movies!

Coming Soon –

I’m very excited to announce a new website. is going to be the website that I update 2-3 times a week with superheroine photoshoots. It’ll be a mix of adult (topless) and non-adult photosets, and it will include all the models that have featured regularly on my websites. Launch date will be Halloween – 31st October 2017. If you follow our social media accounts … Continue reading Coming Soon –

Screenshot of superheroines on Instagram on Instagram

I have a new found love of Instagram. Over the last couple of weeks I have been editing old content and new content, and I’m going through thousands and thousands of photos, and I thought that the wider world may be interested. It’d seem silly to create a blog post or even a blog gallery for each individual photo, and so this is where Instagram comes … Continue reading on Instagram

SWM – Winter 2016 workshop is now live

Read the stories from some of the authors that put forward their writing to be in with a chance of winning this stunning Supergirl costume (courtesy of Sarge) – see below. 10 awesome stories that started with the opening line of one of the following: The young woman stood silently with her fists clenched as she stared up at the massive steel door She instinctively … Continue reading SWM – Winter 2016 workshop is now live

A Trip down Superheroine Memory Lane with SuperAngelic, Sooperhero, and more (35 photos)

So, last night was an amazing trip down memory lane. I dug up a bunch of photos from around 1998 to 2004, and I managed to find a lot of amazing superheroine photos and photomanipulations. This is what I found: 1. SuperAngelic was the guy that made the BEST photomanipulations. He was a master. Where is he now, and why is he not using his … Continue reading A Trip down Superheroine Memory Lane with SuperAngelic, Sooperhero, and more (35 photos)

Supergirl chest of Susan Willson

What got me into the Superheroine scene? (and a homage to Mandi Steele)

For every one that visits (or the old websites at,, etc), I wonder about them – How did they get ‘into’ this superheroine scene? Personally for me, the answer is simple – Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I was around 5 years old when I first saw the Supergirl Movie and when I first started watching Wonder Woman on TV. Even at that age, … Continue reading What got me into the Superheroine scene? (and a homage to Mandi Steele)

Danical Thrall in a tight spandex Power Girl costume

Danica Thrall makes me feel funny

We were looking through some of the old photos and movies that I’ve shot for, and one girl that really stood out was Danica Thrall. She is absolutely stunning. Just look at some of the photos below. In my mind, her figure and her look is better for Supergirl than Melissa Benoist. Controversial I know. Its a shame that Danica isn’t an actress. Or … Continue reading Danica Thrall makes me feel funny

Alana photo manipulations – submissions

I’m very excited to receive some submissions. Check these out: Alana in Supergirl costume lifting an immense barbell From Marco Original – Alana lifting a man by his throat By Marco Original – Alana as Supergirl stopping a car By Kent Original – TheCatSuit also kindly cut Alana out of the background. His link is here: Thanks guys… keep them coming… … Continue reading Alana photo manipulations – submissions

Supergirl Alana stopping a car

Photomanipulation challenge – Alana

Looking through a bunch of old photosets the other day I stumbled upon the gorgeous Alana – she was one of the first models I worked with, and still to this day one of the best. She is stunning as Supergirl and its a shame I’ve not had the chance to get her back into HQ and get that spandex costume back on again. … Continue reading Photomanipulation challenge – Alana

Superheroine Pinterest

So another little experiment. Today I’m launching a new section called ‘Social’. You can see it here: [Link retired] I’ll be trying to use it as much as I can to post images of all the best superheroines I can find. Its a public utility and open to anyone to post. If you fancy helping me put together the most comprehensive gallery of superheroines please … Continue reading Superheroine Pinterest

Tell me your Superheroine Fantasy

Well… not just me, but everyone! I just created a new section on the website allowing superheroine fans to submit stories or even just snippets of your superheroine fantasy. It will be shown to the world and other people can then vote for your idea. The best ideas I will then try my hardest to transform or integrate into a superheroine comic book or film. … Continue reading Tell me your Superheroine Fantasy