Bionic Woman: Michelle Ryan

So, it’s been announced that one of my country-women has been selected to play the amazing Jaime Sommers, aka the Bionic Woman.

An interesting choice. I guess for all you non-British out there you may be able to look at her with a fresh perspective. For us Brits though she’ll always be the sour-faced Zoe Slater in our popular soap opera Eastenders.

But I’ll remain open-minded. I mean, whilst not having the fresh faced look of Lindsay Wagner (although she was also a little bit older), she’s defintely pretty sexy and she’ll make a mean Bionic Woman.

I just wonder if she’ll have to put on an American accent for the film or whether she’ll continue with her native British accent. I’m also told that piecing her together cost $50m as opposed to the $6m of the previous Bionic Woman – you’d have thought that the technology would’ve gotten cheaper!

Anyhow, an interesting choice but probably a good choice. Here’s a picture of the sexy little minx – will be interesting to see her bend bars, take out a roomful of men, and jump buildings. (sigh)!

Oh, if you’re looking for some information about the original Bionic Woman (which I may have to update now) you can see her profile and images at:

Finally, you can see more talk of the new Bionic Woman over at:

And a television interview at:

Now for a gratuitous image of the lovely Michelle Ryan:

Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan

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  2. That’s very true!
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