New superheroines

Its about that time when I start to think that we need to add some new superheroines to the SuperSexyHeroines sorority.

I’ve a couple of ideas of my own, but of course I would love your group feedback.

I’ve been thinking of the following, but if you have any ideas or have seen any other costumes you think our girls would look hot in, just add a link in the comments. Thanks guys





29 thoughts on “New superheroines

  1. The Greatest American Heroine costume would be first choice, G-Girl would be second, She Force(from No Heroics), and other black versions similar to the Supergirl one(like Black Adam becoming Black Andi).

  2. The Greatest American Heroine would be nice. Along with that, giving her a Bill Maxwell type of cohort and say having the heroine lose the instruction manual would make for some good humor.

  3. WONDER WOMAN!!! No spider or cat or greatest american hero (copyrighted) other weirdo creepy superheroines please, and no nylons. Thanks!

  4. Wonder Woman, hands down. Please use boots fro ALL Superheroines, not just Powergirl …thanks. I repeat, Wonder WOMAN!!!! Followed by Supergirl, then Powergirl…then back to Wonder Woman

  5. I agree, Supergirl and Wonder Woman only. The other costumes, like the Greatest American Hero are COMPLETELY UNSEXY … I mean, those pics look like an average woman with no muscles, and the costume is just a turn off.

    I agree also that “spider” and “cat” heros are not SUPER in anyway, and NOT sexy

  6. Colt13 … ARE YOU KIDDING? That Greatest American hero is totally unhot. A big red baggy costume on a girl with no muscles who is only moderately cute. Ummm no thanks!

    Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Powergirl only…. no nylons, just boots. Figure and fitness women would be an upgrade as well if possible… these other models are hot, but have no muscles, and just don’t look too super … sexy as hell though 🙂

  7. Wonder Woman and Supergirl please … scenarios where a blonde or red head steal wonder woman’s powers and spin in to her costume would be super hot.

    Gotta agree on the boots, nylons are no good. Also, agree that the Greatest American Hero clip was unattractive, pretty bad in fact 🙁 … would love to see some athletic and muscled girls as superheroes, like figure models or fitness babes Thanks!

  8. Has to be a hot wonder woman costume also……nothing like the ones you have on there now …..something different….something sexy… piece and very high cut almost with a thong back but not a thong back>>>>thanks for taking in our suggestions……very cool

  9. Some great comments there. Just some questions:

    Steven – the top two links don’t work for me. Are you able to send over link to the actual image, or maybe the name of the clothing and I’ll do a search on the Foreplay catalogue

    Nylons – really surprised about the nylons! I thought they were really cool. Oh well! I’ll get on the case and get some boots

    Itally877 – thanks for the comment. You say not to use anything I have at the moment, but something different. And then something sexy with an almost thong, but not. Have you seen any costumes on other websites/magazines/etc that you like and can send over?

  10. I would love to see a few more heroines that have not really been used for inspiration much here yet. Particularly Characters like Batgirl, Black Canary and Catwoman. Also, Im not sure if this site is sistered to Ultrasexyheroines, but judging by the content and models etc.. Im guessing it is – anyway my point is that it would be cool to have correlating photo shoots with the stories here as I know that many of the folks who suscribe to this site dont want to see it here. Some masked characters would be cool too, unmaskings are a big draw in this genre. Im not suggesting it should should dominate the site or anything but it would at least add some variation in story and costume 🙂 Those are the kind of things that I would pay money Oh, and more hotties like Vicky Loyd please!

  11. One thing I’ve liked about the site so far is that the heroines have been sexy without looking like skanks or looking slutty – they’ve been heroic. Some of the above links by one or two posters are, well, skanky.

  12. NOOOO!!! NO catwoman, NO Batgirl, NO Tomb Raider … AND NO COSTUMES THAT AREN’T ORIGINAL!!!

    I HATE the modified thong costumes with Wonderwoman, I want the one that’s original down to the red boots and star spangled panties ….NO NYLONS!!

    We’ve had tons of these generic and weird superheroines, please use the oringal hot pants Supergirl costume, and orignial Wonder Woman costume…. and some nice ass shots!

  13. They must be costumes that emphasise , feminity as well as power, personally I believe nothing does this better than Supergirls short skirt and boots.

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