Wonder Woman outfit

I need some help from you guys.

I’m on the hunt for the BEST Wonder Woman outfit that I can get my hand on.

We have a few variations of the Wonder Woman costume here, but I’m looking for something really spectacular. There are lots of Wonder Woman outfits on the web, but they tend to be the mass produced ones which are pretty bad quality and poor material.

I’m looking for a custom built, high-quality Wonder Woman outfit. A proper bustier/corset, detailed blue hot pants – really good quality.

If anyone has any idea where I can get such an outfit, could you let me know. Post a link or advice here on the blog, or contact me via the page on https://www.superheroines.net/blog/contact.

I’m not looking for spandex/lycra outfits – I’m looking for the full-on Wonder Woman TV series costume. Or… maybe you guys have seen another alternative Wonder Woman costume design that I can consider?

Either way, let me know, and I’ll be getting some of the gorgeous girls dressing up in it!

wonder woman costume

wonder woman costume

wonder woman costume

wonder woman costume

wonder woman costume

17 thoughts on “Wonder Woman outfit

  1. Actually, one of the eBay links that Italy found nailed the Lynda Carter costume perfectly. That other one mentioned above looked too much like one of the cheaper storebought costumes.

  2. yeah sorry – you’re right – the second one Italy found was the perfect one. Get the credit card out Jon.

  3. The 2nd one of Italy is the costume you need to buy jon. Its perfect!!!
    You would have to get some pleaser White stripe red boots it would complete the perfect ww costume. All left be said is when you buying it??? Scotty2788

  4. You know, looking at the image of the 2nd one from Italy, the only thing I can’t tell is whether the belt is removable, or sewn in as part of the costume. That is pretty important.

  5. Guys, all these suggestions are absolutely great. I’m going to wait until the beginning of the month until I get some spare cash and splash out on a couple of these costumes.

    Italy, Matt, Sarge, Kriptonian – thanks for your help guys.

  6. Definately no skirt, preferably a higher cut bottom piece, much like in the last picture you submitted Jon to get the thread started. The only thing missing in that pic is the golden eagle across her breast, definately a must as well as the red boots with the white stripe. Oh, of course the magic lasso as well. I have seen a lot of superheroine websites that use that plain red top and it looks too amateur. Just to help with the cause, I chipped in and purchased an invisible jet on ebay for the site, it should already be parked in your back yard. Let me know if it’s not there yet.

  7. I made the Wonder Woman costume at JensWare.net out of heavy weight swim fabric because that’s what the client wanted. I can make the costume out of bridal satin like the original. On my website the photo with star background is of the costume before it was complete. The eagle is made of about 50 pieces hand sewn on the bust. I certainly hope it doesn’t look like a cheap knock off as it took 9 months to design and sew.

  8. Jon which one did you end up getting? Any chance I can buy it off of you after all this research? I have a superhero themed event im attending and you would make my year if you could help me track something high quality- like the one kim kardashian wore a few years back.


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