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I’m in regular contact with a lot of SuperSexyHeroines subscribers, and as some of them will know, taking on the, and websites is actually a lot more work than I anticipated.

The thing is, my job is not just to keep them alive and keep them posting new superheroine content – the reason I have got on-board is to make them better. Make the stories, models, actresses, websites, etc all better.

So… although I feel I’m opening the floodgates, I wanted to ask the question:

How can I make any of the following websites better – including the website, the content, the models, the costumes, the stories, the updates, being on-time, etc, etc.

All constructive feedback is very very welcome, and remember, this is for the following websites:

Oh… and just so we get one big one out of the way:
Getting the website up-to-date with content, and then having the website updated on-time every week.

27 thoughts on “Feedback on making, and better

  1. Well my advice is to clearly define what each one is for because if the meaning of each one were to overlap I think it would confuse people. Currently I’d define each as:

    SuperSexy: Picture stories which are largely ‘ubergirl’ related.

    UltraSexy: Glamour model shoots where superheroine costumes are used instead of bikinis etc..

    SuperheroineFilms: Basically SuperSexy on video, very much in the ubergirl camp, heroine relentless victory with perhaps a tiny irritation along the way.

    SuperheroinePeril: Only one video at the moment which looks to be more about sex than peril.

    I guess it boils down to how you define peril because USH and SHP could be linked in the way that the other 2 clearly are. If you are suggesting in peril a villain wants basically to just humiliate a heroine rather than kill her then you can do photos which tell that story on USH and continue with the video theme you started in SHP. That approach would give clear boundaries between sites. Trouble is I bet its easier to just do modelling pics for USH and the question only you can answer is if you are bringing in enough money compared to SSH. Personally if I was doing this sort of thing (and I am) then effectively either the heroine or the villain could win the encounter, she could always win in fact, but it would just be very difficult for her, however I think that approach could muddle the sites somewhat. Hope that helps!

  2. If it was me, I would shutdown Ultrasexyheroines, superheroinefilms, and and merge their material under this site. Get rid of the god awful monthly subscription format and offer comic books, movies, and photosets on a regular payment method. This way, you eliminate pressure on yourself to keep everything updated on time, lets fans choose what they want to purchase (ie. comic books peril films or nonperil films) and keep everyone happy.

    I am going to be honest but fans hate monthly subscriptions. One of my biggest pet peeves is paying for a service and having it deliverd late. I can understand being late a day or two, because of Murphy’s Law but when its late for weeks on end then it gets ridiculous. Just look at!!! It hasn’t been updated since June 14.

    Wouldn’t it be great guys, if this site allowed you to purchase content individually and seperatley? You might argue that this will decrease profits for Jon, but take a look at the other sites around the web. They are doing just fine.

  3. Thanks for the feedback so far.

    I understand about the website. Thing is, I know that these guys have a lot of really good content. what I’m just trying to do at the moment is get it out there. They’ve got more photosets and behind-the-scene video clips which are awesome.

    I’m concentrating on this next week.

    Regarding pay per download, this is something I’ve thought about for a while. and do this and it seems to work for infrequent updates.

    I’ve actually been working on a new project (I was working on this before I started working on all these websites) which I’m not going to say too much about – however, I was going to experiment with a pay-per-download. Should be launching this project at the beginning of October: I need to get all these other websites working first.

    As for merging them all… this would only work financially if everything was pay-per-download. As I say, this is something I’ve thought about, and I’m toying with the idea of easing myself into this.

    If this pay-per-download works… then yeah, a single website may be the best way to go. But…. I’m not sure if this would work at the moment.

    Thanks though! Keep the comments coming!

  4. If money is the problem, produce more peril-oriented content. Unfortunately, the peril genre is more lucrative than the power genre. You can learn a lot from the plethora of peril-oriented superheroine sites and probably talk to their admins for advice.

    Consider using the profits from the peril-oriented material to subsidize the power-oriented material. Becuase the models and costumes are the same for both kinds of material, there is little added expense in catering to both kinds of customers.


    I think a lot of customers are very sour on Ultrasexy, that site should close (and re-open under a different name) or at the very least do pay-per-download. Perhaps folding Ultra into Super is probably the best option as they are both primarily photo sites.


    I’d like to see smaller length films available as pay-per-download. Smaller 5 minute stories with a focus on the heroine (especially transformations and displays of power) appeal more to me than the 15-30 minute films on Superheroinefilms.

  5. First of all, your commitment to constantly improve is very laudable. No wonder why your getting bigger and better. I praise your will to hear your customers and follow.

    I think the mayor strength of your sites is basically these 3 factor combined:

    * absolutely the best uniforms
    * very beautiful girls
    * very clean and decent production values (photo, light, etc)

    That’s what you should never loose or compromise on. Beyond that, I think one of the most difficult issues you’re always facing is the fact that many of us want you to add more peril and suffering for your superheroines, while you yourself and many other are reluctant to do so, simple because that’s what you really love to see and do. Maybe the site more inclined to the first group is (but then it is really about sex and not peril), while all the other are more on the second group. I think that you should never do what you really dislike, but I guess from a business point of view increasing your products with peril and light bondage will make sense. That would mean increasing the products list on and maybe start doing your photo stories with double finals: one in which the heroine kick ass, and another in which she has her ass kicked.

    Also, I guess that your uniforms, being the best around, may have more variations inspired on the Supergirl comic books of the 70’s, when they gave her a many. For example, the one with long boots and the blue mini dress with a golden chain on the hips.

    In fact, a video slightly based on Supergirl Adventure comics 400 (the famous special 35th anniversary) would be a superhit. I’m so sure I would put my money on the production of it (but then I’m a moron who doesn’t know how to do it).

    Congratulations and continue with your fantastic job,


  6. To me I really dont care for the heroine to be in sexual situations or having her cloths stripped off and being nude, that stuff should all together be on a seperate web site.

    To me a good heroine someone who doesnt swear and is and is a good role model, someone you look up too, when she swears she kinda lowers herself to the villians level, when you keep it like this you rasie the heroine up a level.

    For the storys though like I said before Iam not for perverted things happening to the heroine but a good story has to have a truely evil villian that hell bent on destroying the heroine, stories like this keep the reader or the viewer coming back to see whats going to happen to the heroine, when superwoman all confident and say she falls into a kryptonite trap and looses her powers and is captured by the villain or the heroine fighting someone just as strong as she is and all looks hopeless, the heroine has to overcome some majior obsticle to defeat the villian, stories like this cause excitement that keeps the person coming back to see more.

    I Realize some people just like to see the heroine just totally dominate the villian in a sexy costume and that just seems like its only a small part of the story, you can incorporate this into any story but when you just have this scenero the storys over before it started, A good story will have the heroine out saving the day at the beginning being it she busting bad guys or dominating the villian, the villian becomes more enraged at the heroine for stopping his evil plans or busting his organization up, the truely evil villian than puts into a plan to destroy the heroine, than the over confident heroine has to overcome some majior obsticle, be it getting captured, or loosing her powers, some sort of life and death situation, overcoming this truely shows why she is a super heroine, now the heroine even more mad goes out to capture the villian, now you have a clamtic battle wear the heroine confidence has been shacken some because earlier the villian got the upper hand earlier in the story, but she knows she must confront the villian not knowing what the outcome will be, of course the herione defeats the villan and saves the day. these are the basic concepts that will keep the viewer or reader coming back for more.

    Also for your costumes, dont change a thing, like all the different varieties you have, Have to say Iam partial to the Superwoman character, thats my 2 cents keep up the good work, look forward to see what the future will hold.

  7. I agree with everything Matt has stated regarding story. You seem to be on the right track with creating obstacles and dire situations for our heroines. It makes the story more exciting.

    Hopefully one day you make your sites pay per download (PPD) but for now I think the best solution of ultrasexyheroines is to make it (PPD). Doing that will relieve you of the stress you might be feeling on getting it updated and concentrating on the other sites.It’ll give you more time when adding the missing content.

    Hopefully you get to make for videos, because those are sweet. Your comic books are awesome but I would love seeing your sexy costumes in action on films and video. The costumes are what drives me crazy here. Especially the leotard type ones.

  8. I have only subscribed or purchased movies on two of your sites, Supersexyheroines and Superheroinefilms. My advice to you for those two websites is to tell the best story you can. I imagine you are familiar with the website called Next Global Crisis. Some of the models that you have used have worked for them in the past. The do the genre better than anyone and that website is all about telling a good story. They do a great job of mixing things up. Sometimes the good girl wins, sometimes she loses. To always have your heroines show up and stomp the villain gets old and boring very quickly. You have so many tools to work with for these films. The camera and sound equipment seem to be of high quality and you have some of the best looking girls on the planet at your disposal. Tell a good story with those girls involved and people will flock to your sites.

  9. I would like to see more peril myself. Evil has no bounds. I would like to see less showing of powers off to would be victim. More action, maybe.

  10. its a hard line to do this sort of websites with all that’s out there what line do you cross or not go over… with the film part i would have a story and a heroine who has a SECRET IDENTITY none of this MODEL STUFF the peril again same idea if you are going to do adult stuff have a heroine with a dual identity i’m guessing you saw the first season of wonder woman …for the super sexy heroines same idea mix up the heroines but again mix up the dual identites have the spin around one time and maybe be a bit more creative the other times for the ultra one dump it

  11. Jon,

    Two suggestions for improvements.

    1. This is only for the UltraSexySuperheroines site: Perform basic Photoshop cleanup on the photos at Ultra Sexy Superheroines site. I’m sure Sasha is very happy with her new implants, but I’d really like to see those still-fresh surgery scars airbrushed out. The last three versions of PS have a healing brush which makes this a very short and easy procedure nowadays. Also, some basic level adjustments would be nice for those sets where the flash goes off only MOST of the time. And could we get photographers who aren’t afraid to encourage the models to MOVE? Five shots of the same pose are what you should start with, and then whittle down to the good ones that go online.

    2. Consolidate and into a single pay-per-download video-centric website. If there are two sets of creative types currently creating video content, let them enjoy the financial benefits when they provide an update, as always. But meanwhile, a little friendly competition might keep the quality level from slipping too badly. Plus, they can surely pool resources, like FX work, music, props, etc.

    Looking forward to seeing the Ultra site catch up on it’s updates.

  12. OK here goes! I’d combine the peril/nudity stuff into one site so that would mean USH and SHP go under one site domain. This might help alleviate the bad taste that people have from USH. The fact that you admitted they have “more photosets and great behind-the-scenes” video, but chose not to post it , is egregious!! That right there is a slap in the face to the subscribers and grounds for membership cancellation! All these site run on the same platform. WordPress, by nature, is not rocket science and anyone can post content rather easily — it’s just apparent they are either too lazy or wanna milk everyone for their money! Sooooooo, kill the site and put that and the peril vids under the same roof.

    In terms of the other two ‘power’ sites, my advice is raise the bar a little with your effects, both with photoshop and with your movie FX. The ‘same old routine’ is getting kinda old, knowing what is coming in each video….”ok, here is the transformation…talk about how strong you are….do a lift of some kind….on no, a gun….bullets bounce….heat vision to disarm him…..” Pretty much the same faire each time with a different girl/costume. Your characters TALK about bending steel and tearing apart vaults with their bare hands. Show it!!! I think ProjectSuperwoman does the best job with FX and seems to up the bar and try something different each time. Sure, there are only so many strength feats to show, but try showing them differnet ways, not like New-Goddess who dismantles that SAME gun, the SAME way in every vid. Clay barrels on fake guns and pvc pipes for jail bars is an option as well as a ton of other options (watch PSW’s stuff or the Awakening or Girl of Steele for ideas). SHF and SHH is suffering I think from the worst internet disease of all — complacency and repetition. Challenge yourself!

    What is good? Your costumes are — bar none — the best in the biz! Your girls — at least most of them — as well! Danica still is the ideal Supergirl and the best the genre has ever seen and that includes MandiSteele, Adara, Sierra, and even ProjectSuperwoman’s recent Aubrie! Would love to see her in a higher quality FX production.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Some other ideas to for Superheroine films and Supersexyheroines maybe try too and get some more different props, some everyday house hold goods could make for some good props, for example a vacume hose, that could be made into some restraint when wrapped around a Superheroine laying on a examination table, a garden house, they come in all different colors and could be made into a restraint, dish soap comes in all different colors that could be made into a kryptonite type substance. Some breakable chains would be cool to see, be kinda fun to wrap around a superheroine then adventually see her bust out of them, you get the point Iam sure if you use your imagination and look around the house or differnt stores you shop at you can come up with a million different things to use.

  14. Superheroine-related stuff is like porn in the sense that there are turn-ons and turn-offs and avoiding the turn-offs is a helluva lot more important than hitting the turn-ons. For instance, my turn-offs include high-heels and any kind of jewelry, specially belly piercings. Seeing a superheroine with earrings or high-heels will instantly reduce my enjoyment of the comic/video regardless of anything else. Conversely, for many men, it’s simply unthinkable to regard a woman as “sexy” unless she’s wearing heels. And it gets worse with story elements. For many people, having the superheroine fight a man is a huge turn-off. For others, it’s their main reason to watch superheroines, and have no interest in watching the superheroine fight anything other than a man.

    So the first thing you need to do is to be very, very specific regarding the descriptions of anything you produce. Never describe anything like this: “Miss Power: The Debt. Young model surprises a debt collector as her alter-ego Miss Power.” Go to and take a look at how they describe their videos. They aren’t just trying to entice the prospective buyer with a detailed account of the fight, they’re actually listing the elements in the video so the buyer can easily find videos with their turn-ons and avoid videos with turn-offs. The last thing you want is someone buying a comic/video and immediately hitting a turn-off. You’ll never see them again.

    Also, you need to classify and categorize everything as specifically as possible. Don’t just tell me that the superheroine fights a villain. Is it a fist fight? Do they use submission moves? Is there belly punching involved? Sleeper holds? Throat-lifting? Each one of those elements appeals to a different audience and is probably a huge turn-off for some other members of your audience.

    And regarding the actual creation of comics/videos, well, let’s face it, you’re not good enough writer to do good drama, and the girls are hot enough, but they’re not good enough actresses to do anything that approaches an actual movie (though this is only relevant for videos). So think of the story as a collection of specific elements (punching, wrestling holds, throat lifting, arm wrestling, woman vs woman, woman vs man, etc), and your job as a writer is: (A) to find excuses to put those elements together in a story, and (B) to find the right blend of elements that maximizes the turn-ons while avoiding turn-offs. As a producer, your job is to figure out what elements you can do competently (and within budget) and avoid those you can’t.

    In conclusion: write down a list of all the elements that you think a superheroine comic/video could have (and ask the commenters for further ideas). Figure out which ones you can actually do competently and within budget, blend a bunch of compatible elements into a story that at least gives the illusion of originality (steal from the pros as much as you can), shoot the damn thing, put it on the web with a description that tells the audience exactly what they’ll see in the comic/video. Don’t be afraid to try elements you might not like yourself; so long as you classify them correctly, they’ll find their audience. And more important of all: PAY ATTENTION TO THE AUDIENCE. Try to get as much specific feedback as possible. Try to find out which elements you already got the hang on, which ones you’re not quite doing right, which ones go well together, and which ones crash and burn.

  15. I think there are some great comments being put out here. If even just a few of the better suggestions are implemented then there would be some huge benefits. So I guess I would say to avoid biting off more than you can chew. Pick the top 3 suggestions that you feel are practical and worthwhile and start out with those.

    Best of luck. I look forward to seeing how it works out!

  16. My feedback is to have more stories and films with girls in non superhero costumes and more catsuits. More bionic female characters with slow motion wearing hot black boots and maybe shorter films to have more updates on the site.

  17. I like the bionic idea Chris initiated just for the sake of something different but still in line with the “superheroine” idea. Just a normal looking girl who could do extraordinarily powerful things. I’m not big on catsuits but normal clothing thereby magnifying the contrast between human and the superhuman things she did. The bionic story a while back was a bit weak as the girl was more of a robot. This girl should come across as normal as the next girl except of course that she would be as stunning as the other girls you have used to date.

  18. One of the biggest debates seems to be between peril and the dominant heroine, therfore I would keep the four sites and keep the adult/peril stories/videos on USH and Superheroineperil, and the stories/videos featuring the dominant heroine on this site and superheroine films. That way people need only subscribe to the sites which appeal to their taste. If you merge all the sites into one and try to cater to everyones taste, you may end up alienating many, I personaly would not want to subscribe to a sight which featured alot of peril, as I prefer the dominant heroine. One of the best aspects of this site is the regularity of the updates, If you go down the pay per download route the temptation may be for less frequent updates, which I would not be in favour of, also the description of the content would need to be very clear. To try to keep this site and superheroine films sites fresh I would try to introduce different SFX, I know this is easier said than done, and may mean buying props, perhaps showing the heroine lifting fake weights, or breaking out of a mock up prison. Also intoduce different characters, you have many variations on Supergirl, how about a patriotic type character ? A female Captain (insert country of choice) with superpowers. I wish you good luck with it all whatever you decide.

  19. My advice is not to bite off more than you can chew.

    This site already has a patchy record with punctuality and as I type it is Wednesday lunchtime with no update for this week.

    If work and Real Life have too much going and are stopping from meeting your deadlines then don’t take more on.

    It’s better to promise less and deliver, than to promise more and not deliver. As you’ve mentioned before in your blogs Jon, stakeholder management. Whatever expectations are set – then you need to meet them.

    You have the best intentions and your enthusiasm cannot be doubted. But please take a step back work out what you can and cannot do. Then do what you say you are going to do. If it is Monday then deliver on Monday. If it is Tuesday then deliver on Tuesday.

    Otherwise everyone including yourself ultimately gets frustrated. You’re trying your hardest but are getting gripes from subscribers. Likewise subscribers are feeling disappointed with broken promises.

  20. I think you should leave UltraSexyHeroines just the way it is as a base site. I’m a regular subscriber to it, and shudder at the idea that you’re going to turn it into a comic fest as you have with SuperSexyHeroines. I love the girls, the pictures, the comics are cool but don’t interest me as much as just seeing the girls in uniform posing seductively, slowly stripping, in high resolution images. I stopped subscribing to SSH because you’re obsessed with the comic strips, and it’s not my fantasy. Get more photoshoots (really high quality, we’re not in dial up land anymore, I’m on 120MB fibre optic), HD video, and I’ll be a member of all your sites. I’ve said it before and had my comments deleted, which I find rude of you, too, which added to my boycott of SSH.

    One thing you can do to USH is stop having so many women with fake breasts. Some of the girls are so laden with fake tan, makeup as well as fake boobs they look unnatural, and it’s a shame women need to ruin themselves so much. Ease off on the eyeliner on some of the chicks, it looks freaky. If they were a SuperGoth, fine, but otherwise, no.

    As an addition to what Fred said above, why not allow volunteers to help with your site? I’m a competent sysadmin, and administrate about 12 sites on a daily basis in a datacentre, and still manage to stick to deadlines. I’m reliable, upfront and honest, so I’d be up for the task. You help me, I help you, and I’d do it free, or in return for borrowing one of your outfits for my wife! I so want one making for her, the Supergirl one is the hottest I have ever seen!

  21. One of the biggest debates seems to be between peril and the dominant heroine, therfore I would keep the four sites and keep the adult/peril stories/videos on USH and Superheroineperil, and the stories/videos featuring the dominant heroine on this site and superheroine films. That way people need only subscribe to the sites which appeal to their taste. If you merge all the sites into one and try to cater to everyones taste, you may end up alienating many, I personaly would not want to subscribe to a sight which featured alot of peril, as I prefer the dominant heroine. One of the best aspects of this site is the regularity of the updates, If you go down the pay per download route the temptation may be for less frequent updates, which I would not be in favour of, also the description of the content would need to be very clear. To try to keep this site and superheroine films sites fresh I would try to introduce different SFX, I know this is easier said than done, and may mean buying props, perhaps showing the heroine lifting fake weights, or breaking out of a mock up prison. Also intoduce different characters, you have many variations on Supergirl, how about a patriotic type character ? A female Captain (insert country of choice) with superpowers. I wish you good luck with it all whatever you decide

  22. I have an idea that I have tried to shop around to Superheroinefilms for a year now. I can send it to you if you want me to( If you don’t mind, please send me an email…so that I can make sure that I’m in actual contact with a living entitiy).

    I find it ironic that on one of the responses, someone said high heel shoes on a superheroine was a turn-off. Ironic because boots on a superheroine to me is a turn-off!

  23. LoL @ Universal Guardian!

    Hehehe…. Boots are a turn off? The original Superman, Supergirl, and Batman all have boots! I think they’re sexy on a Supergirl, especially if she has shiny tights (pantyhose to US people) underneath them.

    I often wear my custom Superman outfit to conventions and parties with a pair of boots, because with shoes the outfit looks weird, and I can’t wear high heels, I’m a guy, and not into that sort of stuff.

    A Supergirl looks great whether in knee high or ankle boots, high heel shoes, or just the bootcovers that come with some official factory outfits, but I think bootcovers are tacky. Boots are sexy and dominant. So are high heeled shoes, if the lady has lovely slender legs, yeehaw! If you’ve got em, flaunt em! I am a leg and tum man!

  24. Tidosho, thanks for replying!

    I just personally find boots to “male-esque” for my taste. Also, I guess I count Japanese anime as a major influence on my creation process(check out Sailormars, from Sailormoon, for example…i.e. the magical girl designs).

    I understand the tradition of heroines wearing boots, but I have to groan when EVERY. SINGLE. HEROINE. has to wear boots. Women have a lot more footwear choices than guys…how about some platform sneakers or sandals? I think that’s why I always liked the costumes of Zatanna and Blue Bulleteer over Supergirl at times.

    But again, that’s just me:).

  25. I love the models and costume here, very high standard and elegant and sexy. However, there are two reasons I have yet to subsribe.

    First, I hate this monthly subscription and automated renewal thing. Conveience is a big thing in modern times…

    Second, I find not enough ‘peril’ for my test. I have occasionally pruchased stuff from Giga Japan. But, I do not like their hard core sex and rape and all those ‘gross’ stuff (people should go to xxx sites for that), but their peril, torture, acting and models are superb.

    If this site can get some more peril and risgue, it will certainly gain a wider audience. They depict torture/violence to male actors in Hollywood mainstream (how about the ball breaking torture in 007 Royal Casino?), but I don’t see why it is taboo to women ?? I am just trying to enjoy that part.

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