What super-villainess do you want in the next chapter?

I’m shooting the next comic book for the SuperSexyHeroines.com website tomorrow, and I think I’ve picked a story that we can do in that location.

So I’m just preparing things and deciding on the costume that the super-villainess will be wearing. But then I thought that if you guys are choosing the story, why don’t you choose the villainess outfit too!

To give you a few suggestions:


Dark Star

Lightening Girl

Star Girl

Ultimate Girl

Or maybe something completely different. But to give you an idea of the character – she’s super strong, super bad, blonde (probably), small bust, and very sexy.

Get your thoughts in ASAP!

11 thoughts on “What super-villainess do you want in the next chapter?

  1. Does anyone know when Superheroinefilms will be updated?? I thought it was suppossed to be today thursday 16th???

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