Wonder Girl costume

Its about time that we introduce a new superheroine to the SuperSexyHeroines universe.

I was thinking a new young and sexy character based on the Wonder Girl costume. i.e. something kind of like Wonder Woman, but a little more contempory and something that young women today would actually wear.

I’m not suggesting that I’m going to do away with Wonder Babe. Instead I want to add a new additional character.
I want to introduce a new character into the website based on Wonder Girl’s costume.

So, below are some pictures I dug up from the internet. My questions are:

Traditional Debra Winger style costume?
Hotpants or tight trouser/leggings?
Long sleeved top, short sleeved, or vest?
Keeping the red?
Boots or shoes, and heels or flat?
Traditional Wonder Woman belt?
One-piece red catsuit, and a plunge neckline or conservative?

Look forward to hearing your comments.


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girl costume

  1. I like the idea of tight red lycra pants. Actually, the tight red lycra short sleeved cat suit.

    OR the Debra Winger if it looks different enough to the wonder woman suit (ie. the legs are higher cut, the top tighter etc)

  2. My vote goes with tight red pants, with stars on like the original Donna Troy Wonder Girl, with high heeled knee length boots and a top showing the midriff. Very similar to the first picture posted on this thread

  3. The 5th pic and the 8th pic are the two I like best. You can put the curvier one in the 5th and the skinnier ones in the 8th.

  4. Look forward to hearing your comments.

    First of all…All of the Wonder lasses look hot.

    What I like best?

    Pics 1, 2, and 5.

    Of course, if you pic 5, boots would be the best fit here. But if you go with two, would love some high heel gladiator sandals to go with her outfit.

  5. The Wonder Girl leotard, Thats the best one, the second to last photo you have up is the perfect costume for her 🙂

  6. An updated version of the original costume would be great. The original “Granny Pantie” bottoms gotta go. Rio or Thong cut with some thigh high boots please.

  7. I agree with Mav’s comment….please please please please please the original costume but with a sexier leotard 🙂
    Thanks Jon and keep up the great work!!

  8. I agree with the others that it seems silly to consider expanding when your last post was discussing how you are behind on updates for this and other sites you agreed to take over and improve upon. It seems you need to get your house in order before adding to the family.

  9. Adrianne Palicki was just cast to be the new Wonder Woman! 🙂
    Wonder what kind of costume she will be wearing??

  10. I’d like to see the Debra Winger or the comic book red Wonder Girl costumes…bu why bother if we haven’t even seen the new WW costume? Months have passed and we’ve just seen power babe or super babe stories…please give us Wonder Babe!!

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