A new superheroine blog!!

So I moved all my websites from one host and have now split them across other servers on a new hosting company. My experience of 1&1 was very very negative and I would not recommend them to anyone.

However on a more positive note I wanted to explain my thinking behind the new blog.

So its still a WordPress blog. But its the latest version, no tricks, no themes, just the bog standard.

But the major difference will be the domain name – I have moved it from http://www.supersexyheroines.com/blog/ to this new https://www.superheroines.net/blog/blog because I felt that it wasn’t logical.

Because I now have SuperSexyHeroines.com, UltraSexyHeroines.com, SuperheroineFilms.com and SuperheroinePeril, I thought it would make sense to use my central website at SuperheroineNetwork.com to blog from.

Make sense? I’m not entirely sure yet, but I guess I can always move it back.

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