Sonic Girl is coming

Okay, so my new years resolutions didn’t exactly start with a bang. The final chapters of Time Travel have been uploaded to the Members section – featuring the gorgeous Emma Glover and India Reynolds.

So this means that:

Dec 13 – Time Travel chapter 6 – DONE
Dec 20 – Time Travel chapter 7 – DONE

So outstanding weeks are:

Dec 27
Jan 03
Jan 10

And then there is an update scheduled for tomorrow (January 17th).

So my aim is to get back up-to-date by the end of this week. This will be with the release of a new comic book featuring the very sexy Sonic Girl.

On a positive note you may have seen that I shot a video last week with Jasmine Sinclair and Nina Leigh. All very exciting. So next steps will be to finish off the SuperheroinePeril film I shot with Sasha and get that released before the end of the month. Then I’ll start on the first movie featuring Jasmine Sinclair as the very busty Supergirl.

So I’m off now to colour-correct about 3000+ photos and finish off the Sonic Girl comic book. Like I say, by the end of the week we’ll be up to date.

In the meantime, tell me about your Ultimate Supergirl in the following survey. It’ll take 2 minutes:

3 thoughts on “Sonic Girl is coming

  1. Good luck with the 3000+ photos and it’s good to at least hear that you are working hard to get the site updated. As I have stated before Jon, I think it would be a lot easier on you to get rid of the subscription method and just charge for individual comics as they come along. That way there would be no pressure to get one out on time and try and meet deadlines.

    I was a little disappointed with how my Time Travel story turned out.I pictured more of a fight scene, the dialouge was repetitive between Dark Star and Miss Power, the comic had some plot holes in the beginning, and there were plenty of missed opportunites for some sexy photo shots with Miss Power, especially when Dark Star had the upper hand. Next time, I’ll submit a more detailed script with more reference pictures and notes that can be used as story boards. Nevertheless, the girls look amazing. I loved how India Reyonlds filled out the Miss Power costume. Very sexy, but still a little disappointed. 🙁

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