Coming on SuperSexyHeroines next week

So, after Lightening Girl and Wonder Babe got what was coming to them in ‘Arrogance’, next week sees the release of the new comic book.

Don’t have a name for it yet, but it’ll be featuring Superwoman and a Hooters restaurant waitress.

See you next week for the first chapter.

11 thoughts on “Coming on SuperSexyHeroines next week

  1. I can’t believe your late again… you make so many promises and apologies … like 3 times a year… then you dissapear or your site dissapears … yet you update the blog, and post photo sets of comics we’ve seen as subs, or even worse was the DD Fan comic redo …. no excuses, you charge us money, no one wants to hear excuses about your job or server issues … just be professional. Why are you so mean to us?

  2. Jon, with all respect, but I think you should rethink your charging model, it’s better for your reputation and for the website too.

  3. Hi, Jon

    Tried to email you about possible custom work but your email doesn’t seem to work. Can we discuss this?

  4. Jon…with all due respect….how many excuses would you be coming up with…. off late…thats the only thing coming ….excuses….not a single update on time… and no word what so ever…..

  5. The above post will also be happily deleted as soon as Jon sees it….so ppl wont know…..

    You need to realize…one dosent have to see the post to know how punctual the updates have been

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