Superheroine Peril – Superheroine Tease

Hey all, I just put the finishing touches to the release Superheroine Tease featuring the stunning Superwoman.

For more information visit

(You can also see more ‘rude’ preview pictures on the website).

Brief synopsis:

Superwoman visits a very brave man that saved her ass only a few days before. Choking and gasping for air as she battled a powerful foe, the shop clerk managed to free the girl of steel and she quickly recovered to victory.

If it wash’t for him, Superwoman may now be dead.

So he deserves to be rewarded, and as Superwoman right points out that “If I could, I’d f**k your brains out, but being Superwoman, and so strong, you probably wouldn’t survive”.

Instead, Superwoman allows the stunned man to get a taste of how strong she is, and even lets him caress her boots, smooth legs, and feel the contours of her tight spandex costume.

She finishes up by giving him a taste of how supremely horney the might heroine can get.

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