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  1. Jon….Dont u have any shame??? You dont update the site and the last post heard from you was ” Things are back on track” and then you simply vanish for 4 months and then now without any shame you post that a new vid is coming in superheroineperil.com in november…

    First move your ass and explain what the f*** you where doing for the past 4 months….. other than the fact that without doing anything you where taking money from all the loyal members……we need a explanation for that…… I am sure many people would agree with me on this…..

  2. Great to see a new video and that some of the sites aren’t down. Hopefully things are on the mend here. But to echo the above post, but perhaps in a less harsh manner, what happened? It seems weird that a post is written declaring the site is back on track and then nothing happens for months. Hopefully all is good and no major issues.
    Again, good to see something is in the works once again.

  3. Sorry about my post above……i just lost it…… Anyway even though i have quite a temper cause there has been no communication as to what has been happening….this is by far one of the best sites out there in terms of the content and the models being used. All we ask for is for proper response on whats happening.

    Anyways i am also happy that things are in the pipeline and like sugarcoater above says i hope all is good and things get back on track

  4. Hey, I have sent an email to you both.

    I’m trying to get back into the websites, and instead of reeling off a list of reasons why I’ve been away and for them to be misconstrued as excuses, I thought I’d be better of releasing some new material and putting my updates where my mouth is.

    Once I release a couple of comics and a couple of films I may then write an explanatory post, but until then I want to get some of these films and comics out.


  5. I tried to email you a suggestion but the email just bounced. Can you email me with a link? I had a fairly decent idea, if I may say so myself.

  6. I tried to e mail you few suggestions…..but like sugarcoater above….my mail bounced.

    If you could send me a mail from ur personal id or whatever i could send u my suggestions

  7. Looking forward to the updates! Yes I too have been extremely frustrated with the lack of updates but I am a huge fan as well. Please check the email of the site because it bounces back. Or email me at powergirlfanboy590@gmail.com

    I’d love to offer up suggesstions or submit some stories.

  8. Hey, I’ll email you all now… odd that my email is bouncing. May be best to get me on the SuperWomenMania.com private messages? You have accounts? I’m on as ‘jonx’

    1. Let me know if it’s at all possible to email you and I’ll re-send my email. Seems simpler and I don’t want to join yet another website just to send one email. Hope that works.
      Oh, and any added stills, trailers or ETAs on the film as the release date approaches would be awesome. Already planning on buying that one based on the top pic. Very hot!

      1. Hey – sorry, I don’t have any other email addresses (apart from work one).

        I’m going to try and get my jon@superheroinenetwork.com email sorted out. I think there may be a DNS problem.

        Didn’t realise you weren’t a member on SWM. Are you a member of superheroinehq.com?

        Will keep you posted on email progress. And rest assured, I’ll be releasing more screen grabs as I continue editing. For a release date I’m going to say mid November to give me a little more time.

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