Release of Superwoman: Weak and Bound

I’m happy to say that today Superheroine: Weak and Bound was released to Superheroine Network VIP subscribers!

Not a Superheroine VIP subscriber? Fear not!
I’ll be publishing Superwoman: Weak and Bound for general download on Monday 17th December.

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So, about Superwoman: Weak and Bound featuring the amazingly sexy Jasmine Sinclair and Lady Nina!

Superwoman: Weak and Bound

Sexy Jasmine Sinclair transforms into Superwoman to confront the infamous evil female megalomanic, Nina.

Nina’s attempts to kill the mighty super heroine with a gun fails as the bullets simply bounce harmlessly off her chest. But the evil woman has a backup plan, and when she pulls out a synthetic crystal made of a new compound called Ninomite, the powerful super heroine falls to her knees in pain.

Nina beats up the weakened super heroine as she lies helplessly on the floor before knocking her out with a metal bar.

Superwoman wakes up to find herself bound and tied in cuffs, and Nina enters the room in a sexy black catsuit.

Superwoman is then subjected to the humiliating ordeal of being groped, prodded and violated by the evil megalomaniac. Weaker than a human, strapped and bound against her will, and helplessly under the control of Nina, Superwoman succumbs to Nina’s biding.

Superwoman has no choice but to bend to Nina’s will and when Nina starts kissing Superwoman’s neck, the heroine finds its easier to enjoy the experience than fighting it.

4 thoughts on “Release of Superwoman: Weak and Bound

  1. Looks awesome! I do have a few questions and suggestions. My first question is: How much of the transformation do we see (does she rip open her shirt and then emerge as Supergirl; or do we get to see her take off her clothes and put on her skirt, boots, and cape)? Do we get to see any flying scenes? (I like flight scenes, and I think that Jasmine Sinclair would look awesome in one). I also like running and super-speed scenes. Love the lesbian kissing photos. Also, does Superwoman escape? I ask based on the last photo (as well as in the hope that this might set the scene for a sequel, which would preferably also feature Jasmine Sinclair). Awesome photos. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jon. I bought the movie and while I see the improvements it still leaves much to be desired with scenes of super strength. I don’t mind the way peril is presented in your films since it is never portrayed as violent towards the woman but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little variety when showing the abilities of the heroine, if possible. I don’t expect to see top notch special fx but maybe you should have the girls do something different when displaying their abilities. I love how she started running in slow motion when changing into costume in the beginning. We have been in contact before and if you remember me you know that I love bionic special effects. I would love to see both these actresses in slow motion!!! Speaking of actresses, they were both great! I do love watching them being sensual with each other. It was such a turn on. The villain’s outfit was perfect. It would be great if she became a bionic thief or something like that.

    Overall it was great. I know you’ve been through a lot trying to run all the sites these past couple of years and had a lot of customers complaining at the Superwomenmania forums . I just wanted to let you know that I was never angry or felt slighted by the service and I am glad to see you back. I am definitely glad to see the girls back, too! I look forward to Emma Glover as Powergirl! I hope we can work on ideas together at some point and I will post links to my artwork soon.

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