Looking back to May 2005

With the launch of my new superheroines.net website, I’ve been looking back at a lot of old photoshoots and content that I created.

(Don’t worry… this is a short post with a nice picture at the end of it).

In May 2005 I decided that having been a massive fan of Mandi Steele, I wanted to create my own comic books. And so I got in touch with a young model, borrowed a camera and drove to a studio. Just previous to this I got a really high-quality Supergirl costume created.

Susan (below) was the first Supergirl and model I ever shot. That was 7 years and 10 months ago.

How crazy is that?

It’d be interesting to know – Who was there downloading comics from SuperSexyHeroines.com right from the start?

Teenage Supergirl standing with her arms folded

I just found this one. My second every shoot with the amazing Sammy Braddy.
Just like other models, I didn’t know she’d go onto a lot bigger and better things. Sammy was a pretty famous model here in the UK. Look her up – you won’t be disappointed!

Sammy Braddy as Supergirl in spandex superheroine costume

Oh… and another one:

Supergirl Sammy Braddy about to beat up a bad guy

2 thoughts on “Looking back to May 2005

  1. I became a member to the original site in the fall of 2007. Not quite 2005, but I do remember that image of Susan with her arms crossed. It’s the first image i ever saw and what initially drew me in. Love that pose!!! Looking tough and sexy at the same time and ready to kick some ass!!! And then I saw the rest of the costumes and the comic book interface and I was hooked.

    Here’s hoping for more years!!!

  2. unfortunately I wasn’t a member back then but if I was then you’d have won me over in the first instance! You’ve started off on a high and kept that quality going throughout the website’s lifetime, great work! Where did / do you get the Superwoman costume’s from?

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