FILM – Superwoman in Krypto Crystal

Okay, so it has been a long time, but today I’m happy to say I have uploaded a new superheroine peril film to the website!!

Download the film from

It is called Superwoman: Krypto Crystal and stars the sexy Jess West as Superwoman and Tiffany Naylor as an evil villainess clad in black spandex.

No trailer yet, but there are some screengrabs on the product page at:


Actually, here are some images:

11 thoughts on “FILM – Superwoman in Krypto Crystal

  1. Tried to purchase this morning.

    This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contact your merchant for more information.

    Tried to purchase via PayPal. Could not. I am well over 21. My PayPal account is solid and used frequently elsewhere without issue.

  2. Glad to see you’re still around. I am not counting on any regular updates as the track record suggests otherwise but I’m hoping.
    That said, any chance some of the previous super heroine models may be used in the future? I loved the one used for “Superheroine Tease” and “Horny Hypnosis” as well as a few others. Please bring her back. I will buy any and all super heroine peril videos featuring that model.

  3. Hey! Sorry about that – seems a few people had the same problem but it should all now work.

    Let me know if it still doesn’t.

  4. And regular updates…. I’m thinking yes, but I’ll allow you to judge my actions rather than my words. So stay tuned, and sign up to the VIP newsletter to get notification when things go live.

  5. Hey Sugarcoater – do you mean Sasha?

    She appeared in Superheroine Tease and Horney Hypnosis, and I’m happy to say that she has another film awaiting editing. Perhaps I’ll bump it up to the top of the list? She plays Wonder Woman in the next movie… and whilst not as long as the others, she looks absolutely incredible.

  6. Oh god yes voting for more Sasha ASAP. Especially hot lesbian heroine sex.

    Do you have a twitter or anything for her? I’d love to see what else she’s done.

  7. Yes! Sasha is amazing and I will buy any peril video with her in it. And if possible, any chance you can have a bit more peril before the sexual peril occurs? Loved seeing her weakened before she was strapped to the pool table. And she looked hot in her black outfit with the glasses. Definitely more of that outfit and then the transformation (or better yet, stripping!) from her civilian clothes to her superheroine outfit.
    Please do indeed release that one soon! And any preview pics to whet our appetites would be much appreciated.

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