On the look out for new models

At the moment I am ploughing through a lot of unedited photos and footage to release a bunch of new stuff on the Superheroines.net website in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. Its great going over all the stuff I’ve not yet had a chance to edit – and there is some GREAT stuff in there.

But, looking forward to next month and the new year I will be shooting some brand new material and what I’m now doing is contacting models to book them in.

And this is where I could use some help. I’m based in London, UK and it’d be great to hear your thoughts on who we should get as the next Supergirl or the next Wonder Woman for the comic books and films.

So if you do have any suggestions, let me know the models website, twitter account, instagram account, or any way in which I can view her portfolio or recent snaps.

And remember, we have set high standards on Superheroines.net!

4 thoughts on “On the look out for new models

  1. Can you release some previews of the new photos and footage on the blog to wet our appetites in the mean time? I think long time supporters of the site deserve that and we want a decent amount of pics. Not just one or two here and there 😉

  2. Agree that we need to see some preview pics of the models.

    Here is a good costume idea. Couple it with red boots with some 3″ platform boots.

    Hi! I found this on eBay and thought you might like it! Check it out now! Super20Girl20Metallic20Bodysuit20Womens20Fancy20Dress20Halloween20Hens20Party20Costume20XL http://r.ebay.com/GqukhJ

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