8 thoughts on “Wonder Babe is back in a brand new movie

  1. Love seeing Sasha! Any chance for an early plot synopsis? And please do post more preview pics leading up to the release. Definitely have this one on my to-be-purchased list.

  2. Looks amazing, will you be doing another hypnosis based video? preferably with lots of master slave mantras, loved the last two.

  3. Come on Jon, don’t leave us hanging after regularly updating for a week, then disappearing for a month. What’s happening at the super heroines.net website these days? Keep us in the loop buddy.

  4. It’d be great if you didn’t treat WW like all other Jons’ Superheroines. That is, she gets her powers from her belt (missing in the shot). Can’t deflect bullets without bracers (missing from the shot). But I get the feeling she will be impervious to bullets, will bend a bar, and will lift a gut by his throat……same same.

  5. Well, we are definitely past “early to mid-December” so how about an update for this video? I can’t wait to buy it, but would like to know when I can look forward to doing so.

  6. Hey Jon,

    I just wondered if you were still thinking of releasing this movie?

    It seems strange you filmed it, paid for the actress and then haven’t released it. You definitely should the actress looks incredible.

    I was watching some of your old movies recently, how sexy is the girl/costume in braclet?! Come to think of it, all the girls and costumes are all smokin’ hot in all the movies.

    I for one hope you start releasing new content again.

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