Team Unicorn girls in superheroine costumes

I’ve no idea who or what Team Unicorn are.

My understanding is that it is some kind of Saturday morning live action/animation show in the US where Team Unicorn are made up of 4 superheroines in tight little high-cut costumes.

From what I can tell Seth Green has something to do with it and the current lineup of girls include Clare Grant (Walk the Line), Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet), Milynn Sarley, and Alison Haislip (Attack of the Show) who replaced Michele Boyd in 2014.

Some links before we get to the photos:

This seems to be some kind of video they did which is a take on Katy Perry’s song:

Also worth noting that Rileah Vanderbilt is the actress from that absolutely awesome Wonder Woman short movie from last year:

So on to the awesome photos of the girls in their Team Unicorns superheroine costumes:

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