Defeated Heroines – The Beast

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

On the one hand the actress playing Wonder Woman is phenomonal. Pretty, great body and plays Wonder Woman with conviction.

But… molested by a gorilla?!

I’m not sure. But the trailer is pretty cool.

The blurb:
Empress has been working with DNA manipulation for some time. She is very near to her conquest to take over the world with an Army of Superpowered Beasts– she is looking for the final key… the DNA of a Superheroine. She soon finds out that a victim she caught happens to be just that. Now it’s a matter of locking her down and allowing her Beast to prepare to mate. What will happen to our Heroine, Serenity in this perilous situation?

Click here to download:

If someone from Defeated Heroines sends me the video, I’ll gladly review it and feature it on the blog 🙂

But from the trailer.. it looks pretty good.

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