Photo of the Day – Anastasiya Breadson

Anastasiya looks great as Superwoman, Supergirl, Superior Girl, Sonic Girl and everything in between.

She first appeared on playing Superwoman in DNA Disaster, as a reporter helping one of the worlds greatest scientists in creating a technology that could help the entire world.

Loved how Superwoman looked, and her flirtation with the scientist.

Model – Anastasiya Breadson
Comic – Superwoman – DNA Disaster

Anastasiya Breadson as Supergirl

Anastasiya Breadson in her superheroine costume

One thought on “Photo of the Day – Anastasiya Breadson

  1. anastasiya breadson anastasiya breadson the most beautiful of the web.deberia superheroines be always interpret a series .for supergirl warner should give the casting.Greetings peru must shoot a new adventure with anastasiya breadson supergirl .Here .WE really liked the attack with liquid kryptonite to fight a cyborg women who will absorb the force of the breasts and feel a great pain to scream a lot and they destroy his suit .she acts very well and is the most beautiful of the superheroines.hasta soon

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