A New Supergirl – Day 60

Day 60

Although she didn’t need to sleep as much now, Jodie still got a lot of pleasure from a Sunday morning lie in.

There wasn’t a man in her bed this morning and Brett was at his parents. She sighed. She felt incredibly horny, as she did most mornings.

The teenager ran a finger lightly between her glorious breasts and circled her left nipple. Her hand then made its way over her toned stomach and onto her pubic bone, and she finally let a finger enter inside her.

She closed her eyes and began to focus on the intense feelings emanating from her elongated clitoris.

But after a few seconds she stopped. Why should she… a living goddess on this earth need to do this when there were plenty of men out there that would line up to do it to her?

Jodie let out a beautiful, sultry smile.

The teenager picked up her phone and sent an SMS to George from around the corner. He’d be round as soon as he could make an excuse to his wife.

Jodie smiled at her power over this man. All the men she met. Just with her sexuality she had total control over them all. They were all mesmerised by her and her body, and just a slight touch or brush of a breast would send them into a frenzy.

Jodie put on a tiny little bra top that left very little to the imagination. Her nipples protruded through the thin white fabric and her boobs struggled to fit inside the material. She also put on a tiny little thong that covered her modesty and made her way into the kitchen.

Catching a glimpse of herself on the way out she still couldn’t believe it was her. Sixty days since the day Supergirl gave her all her powers, Jodie still sometimes couldn’t believe this’d happened to her.

The doorbell rang as Jodie finished making her first coffee of the day. Looking round and using her x-ray vision she confirmed it was George.

‘I’m by the pool’ she said into the intercom as George was buzzed into the house.

The man bumbled through the stunning house and saw Jodie lying on a sun lounger outside by her pool.

‘Er, hey Jodie’ said the fifty year old, ‘you called?’

Jodie looked up from her magazine she was reading, lying on an upright sun lounger. She lifted her sunglasses.

‘What did my text say?’ she asked.

‘It, er, said that you were horny’ stammered the man who was clealy giddy at another prospect of having sex with this girl again.

‘Well nothings changed’ said Jodie with a straight face. She put her magazine down on the floor, and pulled one of her long tanned legs up towards her, leaving the other outstretched on the lounger.

The stunning teenager watched George as his eyes couldn’t resist staring whilst Jodie placed one of her hands on the underside of her little white thong and pulled it to the side revealing her delicious lips.

‘What are you waiting for George? I didn’t invite you down here to stare.’

George leapt to action, immediately falling to his knees in-front of the girl and begin kissing the insides of Jodie’s fabulous thighs. Jodie smiled and let her head fall back on the lounger so she could concentrate on George’s soft kissing.

Despite his chubbiness and generous demeanour, Jodie had noted that George was an excellent performer, and as his tongue entered inside her he rhythmically stimulated her glorious clit resulting in wave after wave of intense pleasure.

As he maintained the activity with his tongue, George also ran his hands up and down the girls marvellous long toned legs and even squeezing the side of her glorious ass. It only served to make his enormous erection even harder.

After a few minutes George came up from inside her legs and began making his way up her stomach, and pulled her crop top up, exposing her breast. He kissed the underside of her magnificent tit before skilfully circling her nipple with slightly harder pressure, prompting Jodie to release a moan of pleasure. Buoyed by this feedback he gently sucked on her nipple which resulted in another moan from Jodie who had her eyes closed.

The old man fumbled around with his belt buckle in an effort to release his massive shaft, but Jodie whispered whilst holding his hand.

‘You make me cum first’

George nodded intently and slowly went back to the task in-hand and his tongue re-entered her.

Jodie’s moans got louder and her breathing more shallow and she intimated to him to increase the pressure of his tongue inside her. After a few minutes it had reached a climactic crescendo as the magnificent teenagers entire body shuddered for about 10 seconds as she experienced an intense orgasm.

As her body flexed involuntarily, Jodie was mindful not to inadvertently crush the man to death with her thighs.

Seconds later Jodie opened her eyes and George was out of her crotch looking at her intently.

Jodie was breathing hard and smiled. ‘That was amazing George. That was fucking amazing’.

George was glad. He’d never seen anyone experience an organism like that because of him. His dick was now starting to hurt from its enormity.

A couple of seconds passed. George was waiting for permission. Jodie opened her eyes again.

‘George. What are you still doing here?’ she said with a little contempt.

‘I… I thought that…’ said George, but the sultry teenager cut him off.

‘Thought what George? I told you I was horny. What are you looking for? Thanks?’

‘Er… no… well…’ said the crestfallen man.

‘Don’t even think that dick was coming anywhere near me George’ she said angrily. ‘Now, I suggest you get out before I lose my temper’

George got to his feet and turned quickly. He didn’t want another humiliating episode like last time, and so he quickly walked through the house. As he shut the front door he felt completely violated and used. But what could he do?

For her part, Jodie smiled to herself as George turned and left. She revelled in the superiority she had over this man, any man. She pulled her top back over her exposed breast and reaching down to her crotch pulled her thong back over her wet pussy.

Then reaching down the supergirl picked up her magazine and smiled.

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